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Abarth Grande Punto Tuning Guide & Best Mods

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The Abarth Grande Punto is an impressive addition to the Fiat family, combining the versatility and charm of the standard Punto with the performance enhancements and racing spirit of Abarth.

Launched in 2007, the Fiat Abarth Grande Punto pays homage to these two passionate companies and rekindles the fire of Italian sporting excellence in a compact package.

At the heart of the Fiat Abarth Grande Punto lies a 1.4L turbocharged T-Jet engine that produces 155hp and 170 lb-ft of torque.

This power is channelled through a 6-speed manual transmission for an engaging driving experience.

While a fun and thrilling drive, many enthusiast owners are constantly seeking out new ways to enhance the performance of the car and make it a proper head turner on the road.

In this guide we’ll cover the best performance upgrades along with the best cosmetic modifications to make your Abarth Grande Punto even more unique and exhilarating. 

Downpipe & Sports Cat

Two of the main restrictions in the standard Punto exhaust system is the downpipe/catalytic converter section.

Upgrading this section with a performance downpipe and high flow sports-cat unlocks power throughout the rev range.

A performance downpipe is usually wider and has smoother bends than a stock downpipe. This design enables exhaust gases to flow out faster, reducing back pressure.

The result is increased horsepower and torque, along with improved throttle response and reduced turbo lag.

In addition to the performance enhancements, aftermarket downpipes are typically made from higher quality, more durable materials than their factory counterparts.

This added durability is vital in sustaining higher horsepower levels over a longer period and coping with the high heat downpipes generate.

Upgrading to a high-flow sports cat also offers the same benefits as a performance downpipe.

A high flow sports cat reduces restriction in the exhaust system and replaces the standard catalytic converter. Unlike decat pipes, sport cat’s are designed to be road legal so will pass emission tests.

Not only do you get a lovely performance boost with these upgrades, but you will also benefit from a more raspy and sporty exhaust tone. 

If increased exhaust sound is primarily what you’re after, we’ll go over the perfect upgrade for you next!

Sports Backbox/Muffler

The next step in the exhaust equation is the backbox section.

The exhaust backbox, also known as the muffler or rear silencer is designed from the factory to reduce the noise produced by the car to meet regulations.

Performance backboxes are designed to provide less restrictive exhaust flow, which can increase horsepower and torque output. 

Performance backboxes often provide a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note, favoured by many car enthusiasts.

Moreover, they can be visually more appealing with their polished exhaust tips, adding a sporty look to the rear of the Punto.

Sports Muffler

Abarth Grande Punto

Novus Sport Exhaust

Audi TT MK1

Upgraded Intake

The stock intake systems on most vehicles, including the Abarth Grande, are designed for efficiency and quiet operation.

By upgrading to an aftermarket intake, you can optimise air flow, resulting in better throttle response and additional power.

By providing a more direct, unrestricted path for air to enter the engine, an aftermarket intake can facilitate greater, cooler air intake.

In addition to improved performance, an aftermarket intake will also produce a throatier growl on the throttle and let you hear the whistling of the turbo more.

There are good options out there from manufacturers like Forge that come with a heat shield to ensure you are drawing in cool air.

Air Intake Hose

Abarth Grande Punto

Hybrid Turbo

If you are after maximum power, then a hybrid turbo is what you are looking for.

Such turbos use amplified turbine sizes that contribute to increased airflow, thus resulting in a greater boost pressure and overall power.

They are designed to handle high amounts of power and heat, making them durable and reliable for prolonged hard driving. 

As with upgrading the turbo on most cars, it isn’t as simple as chucking a new uprated turbo on and immediately reaping all the benefits.

The right supporting modifications will be required to utilise the full potential of the turbo and maintain the reliability of the engine. 

TMC Motorsport and AbarthTuning sell the popular TD04L turbo kit for the Abarth Punto.

Supporting mods required for this kind of kit include:

  • an uprated intercooler
  • upgraded intake system
  • full performance exhaust system
  • 3 bar Bosch MAP sensor
  • Higher capacity fuel injectors

If you wish to run above 270bhp then internal engine work will need to be done including uprated camshafts and forged pistons and rods.

As you would expect, a remap will also be required for a hybrid turbo and to bring all of the supporting mods together. 


A remap adjusts the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), which allows the engine to produce more power and torque.

It’s one of the best valued power upgrades available for the car. 

A well-executed remap can smoothen your Punto’s power delivery, eliminate any flat spots, and broaden the power band.

From a remap alone with no supporting mods, you can gain over 30bhp!

If you are thinking of having the car remapped, chances are you have other power upgrades or are considering other power upgrades like an exhaust or intake.

A remap helps bring together all other modifications in harmonious synchronisation.

It is often overlooked, but without a proper remap, other performance enhancements may not yield the expected results.


Installing coilovers on your Abarth Grande Punto can significantly enhance its performance, appearance, and handling capabilities.

Coilovers are designed to improve your Punto’s suspension system over the stock setup by integrating the shock and spring into the one adjustable unit.

This can result in reduced body roll, better steering response, and improved cornering capabilities—crucial features when tackling winding roads or driving on the track.

One of the top reasons people install coilovers is their ability to adjust the ride height of your Abarth Grande Punto.

Aside from the performance benefits of having a lowered centre of gravity, lowering the ride height can provide a more aggressive appearance, giving the Punto a sportier look worthy of the Abarth badge.

One of the great things about coilovers is their adjustability. When we say this, we aren’t just talking about ride height. 

Coilovers generally come with adjustable dampers, allowing you to fine-tune the different settings to suit your preferences.

Whether you want a more comfortable ride for daily cruising or a stiff setup for weekend track days, coilovers provide the versatility you need.

Stance Coilovers

Abarth Grande Punto

Vogtland Coilovers

Abarth Grande Punto

Front Splitter

A front splitter is specifically designed to create additional downforce on the Punto’s front end by “splitting” the air above and below the spitter. 

By increasing the downward force on the front tyres, it enhances tyre traction, resulting in improved handling performance and cornering ability.

On top of its functional benefits, a front splitter adds a sleek, aggressive look to the Abarth Grande Punto.

It complements the car’s distinct style and emphasises its performance-focused attitude.

Maxton Front Splitter

Abarth Grande Punto

Strut Rod Front Splitter

Abarth Grande Punto

Sideskirt Extensions

Side skirts extensions significantly upgrade the look of the Abarth Punto.

They add to the overall profile by making the car appear both wider and lower to the ground.

This element of style boosts the sports car feel, aligning with the car’s overall sporty design.

They also have the added benefit of protecting the underside of the Punto from stones and other road debris.

Maxton Sideskirts

Abarth Grande Punto

Rear Spoiler

A well-chosen rear spoiler adds a more aggressive profile to the Grande Punto’s rear end, helping exude it’s sporty nature.

While its effects on an everyday driving in Grande Punto may be minimal, a rear spoiler can indeed improve the car’s aerodynamics when driving at the limit.

There are a couple of aftermarket options to choose from, with most available spoilers being subtle lip styled spoilers or extensions. 

These work well with the style and shape of the car, and aren’t too overbearing.

Maxton Rear Spoiler

Abarth Grande Punto

Finishing Thoughts

We hope you found this guide useful and that it gave you some ideas and inspiration for planning the next mods for your Abarth Grande Punto.

For power, the most cost effective route is to upgrade the full exhaust along with an intake and then have it remapped. Past this you are looking at a hybrid turbo and then it starts to get expensive.

In terms of performance, it isn’t all about straight line power. Coilovers can really transform the way the car drives and add a new sporty dimension to it’s handling characteristics.

Visually, subtle body mods work the best. An aftermarket front splitter, sideskirt extensions and a rear spoiler go a long way at giving the exterior a much more aggressive demeanour. 

Happy modding!