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Abarth Grande Punto

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The Abarth Grande Punto is a high-performance version of the popular Italian small car – the Fiat Grande Punto.

It exhibited a more aggressive exterior than the standard Punto, and came packed with a 1.4L Turbocharged engine able to push out up to 155hp .

Abarth also introduced an ‘esseesse’ kit (SS Kit) that could be dealer-installed to enhance the Punto’s power output to an even more significant 180 horsepower.

Regardless of whether you have this kit or not, there are lots of great mods and upgrades available to enhance the performance past this level and lots of possibilities for exterior mods as well. 

Check out our guides below to learn more about the best mods and upgrades available for this fantastic little car.

Tuning Guide & Best Mods

Looking for ways to customise your Abarth Grande Punto? This is the definitive guide is for you.

We go over everything in detail from the best proven performance modifications all the way to cosmetic mods.