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Alfa Romeo Giulia Ultimate Performance Upgrades

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a gorgeous car, offering Italian flair and an exciting driving experience. The Giulia 952 has been in production since 2015, and is available in various trim specs with differing engines and powertrains. 

You can choose between two different turbocharged 4-cylinder engines (a 2.0L Turbo or 2.2L Turbo), as well as a six-cylinder 3.0L V6 engine (this one is only available on Quadrifoglio versions). 

In addition to its stunning looks and respectable performance, the Giulia also boasts luxury amenities that are sure to please any driver: leather seating, heated seats, a sunroof, automatic climate control systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

In this post we’ll be taking a look at some of the best value performance mods and upgrades you can do for your Giulia to make driving it even more enjoyable! Whether you are looking to improve the handling, straight line speed or extract some more aggressive sounds from the exhaust – we’ll cover it all!


The performance benefits of coilovers include better handling in corners, increased stability at high speeds and reduced body roll. This makes them the ideal handling upgrade for those who like to drive their car hard. 

One of the great features of coilovers is their adjustability. Many quality coilovers not only allow you to just adjust the ride height, but also the rebound and compression. This lets you set the car up to drive exactly the way you want it to.

KW make a great quality sets of coilovers for the Giulia that come in different variants depending on the model that you own. You have the option of the Variant 1 or the Variant 3 with the KW coilovers.

These are adjustable meaning you can alter the settings for both comfort and performance, as well as aesthetics! For those of you who like to drive hard and are solely focused on performance, then a stiffer setup can be achieved. Or if you are concerned about sacrificing comfort, then you can opt for a softer setup. 

It’s important to note that when you start to lower the car excessively, you increase the camber of your tyres which can lead to your tyres rubbing within the arches. To combat this issue, you can purchase a Caster & Camber Correction Kit. This kit will reduce the wear on the outside of your tyre caused by the excess camber, as well as improve the handling of your Giulia through reduced understeer.

Performance Exhaust

The benefits to fitting an aftermarket exhaust usually boils down to two categories, performance and sound.

Performance-wise, a free-flowing aftermarket exhaust will allow your Giulia to breathe more easily. This equates to better performance, especially when paired with a custom remap . Expect a more responsive drive with power available throughout the rev range more easily.

Another major benefit of fitting an aftermarket exhaust to your vehicle is the sound. The stock exhaust can be a bit muffled for some owners, and may not give you that exhilarating sound you are after when you put your foot down. 

 An aftermarket exhaust can give your ride a much more aggressive and sporty sound which ties in nicely with the characteristics of the Giulia.

For sound upgrades, look at a cat-back exhaust. Milltek offer a bespoke system for the Giulia which improves the sound and also provides performance benefits by helping reduce back-pressure.

If you are seeking maximum performance from an exhaust upgrade, then you may want to consider a catless downpipe. This will help the most at reducing backpressure on the turbo unlocking improved throttle response and power throughout the rev range.  The downside to this mod is that it is illegal for road use in most countries as it won’t comply with emission laws.


A remap is a great way of unlocking more power out of your Giulia. A remap is basically an upgrade to the factory engine mapping. This means that you can get more power and torque out of your car without having to replace any parts or make any mechanical changes. A remap without any physical changes (supporting mods) is typically called a Stage 1 remap. Along with an engine map, you can also get a gearbox map for automatic transmissions. This can make your shifts faster meaning better acceleration and performance.

A Stage 1 remap can yield impressive gains on the Giulia, transforming the car by increasing power and torque throughout the rev range.

On the 2.0 TB engines, a custom remap can add between 40bhp-50bhp without any physical modifications. This would take your Giulia from its standard bhp of 276 to around 316-326bhp!

With other supporting intake and exhaust mods, you will be able to extract even more power from a remap. Have a look in your local area for reputable tuners that do custom dyno tunes for the Giulia and you won’t be disappointed. It’s worth noting that the power gains you get will vary depending on the model of the Giulia that you have. Speak to a tuning shop that is familiar with these engines and they will be able to advise you on expected power gains ahead of time. 

Intake Upgrades

The Eurocompulsion air intake is a fantastic addition that can improve the performance of your Giulia and give you some extra sound. This has been shown to provide proven power gains on a dyno, and is a really good value mod.

This intake replaces the factory plastic intake hose with an aftermarket silicone one, allowing for greater air flow and performance. This is an easy to install mod that retains the factory airbox and can also be used with an aftermarket air filter if you like.

In terms of air filters, BMS Performance do a nice cone filter which can help improve throttle response and power as well as give some lovely turbo spooling noises. This lovely sound improvement can be addictive, so you may find yourself on the throttle a lot more as a result! This is another simplistic install and it retains the factory base for the airbox and the ducting. 

Finishing Thoughts

Hopefully this article gave you some ideas for helping you extract more performance from your Giulia. The Giulia is already a great car out the box, and with a few additional mods it can be turned into an even more enjoyable driver’s car.

If you are after a large power upgrade, then there is always the option of hybrid turbos but when you look at cost vs return, at that point you may be better looking at upgrading to a Giulia Quadrifoglio which comes with over 500bhp from factory (with room for even more tuning potential!). 

Happy modding!