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Alfa Romeo MiTo Best Mods & Upgrades

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Welcome to the world of driving passion and Italian flair, where we dive into the exhilarating realm of the Alfa Romeo MiTo.

As an owner or enthusiast, you understand the true essence of this stylish hatchback, but have you ever wondered how you could unlock its full potential?

In this blog post, we will explore the top modifications for your MiTo including performance mods, exterior mods as well as interior mods.

Wheel Upgrades

There also lots of options for upgrading your wheels on the MiTo. Changing your wheels is one of the most straight forward yet effective ways to completely change the look of your car. Wheels really can make or break it. 

From factory, the MiTo wheels range in size between 15 inches and 18 inches. The wheels your model will have will depend on the year/model and whether is pre or post facelift.

A common upgrade is simple to upsize to a larger OEM wheel. For example, 16 inch to 18 inches. Larger diameter wheels give the car a more sporty look which many owners crave. The only downsize to upsizing in wheel size is that you sometimes lose some of the ride comfort of the smaller wheels and fuel consumption may slightly increase.

Check your owner’s manual/car handbook for the exact wheel specs of your car or check at

Once you have confirmed the wheel specs including the correct PCD/offset, you can then find out what aftermarket wheels are compatible with your MiTo. Many dedicated wheel websites such as Wheelbasealloys allow you to check compatibility with their wheels when you input your year and model of MiTo. 

Of course, you don’t always need an exact match of wheel specs to make it work. You can purchase adapters to make various aftermarket wheels fit, however you need to take into consideration things like offset and clearance to various things. If in doubt, contact the wheel retailer or manufacturer. 

Exhaust Mods & Upgrades

One of the simple and most effective mods for a petrol head is switching to an aftermarket exhaust system. This can have both aesthetic as well as performance benefits. There are lots of options out there depending on your budget, goals and what model of MiTo you have.

One of the most noticeable aesthetic benefits of an aftermarket exhaust is the unique, throaty growl it produces. By replacing your MiTo’s stock exhaust with a performance-oriented system, you can get a more meaty exhaust note, giving your vehicle an aggressive sound. 

If sound is what you are mainly after, then look into a cat-back system. There are different options depending on what year/model your car is. For a cost effective solution to increased sound, you have the Hornet Exhausts rear back box’s. You also have systems like these from Cybox. If you can’t find what you are looking for, consider ringing up a local exhaust fabrication shop for a quote.

While a sporty backbox/cat-back can improve performance, there are other parts of the exhaust that play a big role in this. This is especially true for turbocharged versions of the MiTo. With a turbocharged engine, the less back pressure there is – the better! As such, it will benefit from a free flowing exhaust. 

TMC Motorsport offer a variety of exhaust parts specifically for the MiTo. For example, they have downpipes and sport cat’s/decats which all help aid performance. A downpipe and sports-cat combination is a great way of getting better response from your engine and helping your turbo spool earlier. A decat provides the most amount of flow however isn’t legal for road use in most places.

To get the best of both worlds with performance and increased sound, consider opting for a downpipe + sports cat combo along with an aftermarket cat-back section. This will improve performance as well as give off a deeper exhaust note to compliment the newly found performance.

Painted Brake Calipers

This is a simple and subtle mod you can do yourself at home on the cheap that can produce fantastic results. Painting your brake calipers can be a great way of adding a sporty touch to the wheel area of your car, especially if you go with a bold and bright colour like red or yellow.

They are also a great way of drawing attention to your wheels.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo’s wheels can be an integral part of its overall design, and painting your brake calipers can further accentuate their beauty. The vibrant color of the calipers peeks through the wheel spokes, drawing the eye to the intricately designed rims and giving your vehicle a more polished, high-end look.

Invest in high-quality caliper paint specifically designed for the high-heat environment that brake calipers experience. This type of paint is more durable, resistant to chipping, and can withstand the temperature changes that brake calipers undergo during use.

Remember that the key to a good finish when painting brake calipers lies in the prep stage. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the excitement and try rush to the painting stage.  

Before starting the painting process, clean the brake calipers thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or brake dust. Use a brake cleaner and a wire brush or toothbrush to reach all the nooks and crannies of the caliper. A clean surface is crucial for proper paint adhesion.

When it comes to painting, opt for multiple thin coats. This technique results in a smoother, more even finish and reduces the risk of paint runs or drips. Allow each coat to dry according to the paint manufacturer’s recommendations before applying the next one.


Front Splitter

Installing a front splitter to your MiTo has both cosmetic and performance benefits. 

Installing a front splitter on your Alfa Romeo MiTo will give it a more aggressive, race-inspired look. The accessory accentuates the car’s existing lines and adds a sporty touch helping turn heads wherever you go – making the front end sharper and more mean looking.

One of the main performance advantages of installing a front splitter is the enhancement of your MiTo’s aerodynamics. The splitter works by redirecting airflow around the car, reducing drag and allowing for better high-speed stability. This means a more stable, confident drive at high speeds or during spirited driving sessions.

A front splitter also helps create downforce on the front wheels, providing better grip and traction. As a result, your Alfa Romeo MiTo will experience improved handling and cornering capabilities, allowing you to tackle those twisty roads with greater control and confidence.

Maxton Design have a front splitter compatible with all the MiTo models (2008-2018)that looks brilliant. It comes in black, with options for a carbon finish and striping if you wish.

It’s worth thinking about the roads around you and how suitable a front splitter is depending on if your area has lots of speed bumps and if your MiTo is already lowered. A lowered MiTo on coilovers with a front splitter can scrape depending on the road conditions/bumps.


A remap offers an array of performance benefits for your Alfa Romeo MiTo, allowing you to experience its true capabilities and unlocking the hidden power within.

A bespoke remap optimizes your MiTo’s engine control unit (ECU) settings, allowing for a significant boost in horsepower and torque. This results in a more responsive throttle, smoother power delivery, and an enhanced acceleration that’ll make every drive exhilarating.

The power gains you get will vary a lot depending on which model of MiTo you have and the engine underneath. The MiTo features quite a few different engines depending on spec/model. 

The models that will yield the best performance gains are the ones fitted with a turbo. An example being the 1.4 TB MultiAir engine which can produce gains of around 30 horsepower on a healthy engine! The lowered powered naturally aspirated engines in some models won’t produce the best results.

Find a local tuner near you (ideally one that has experience with these cars) and contact them to get a rough idea of projected performance gains to see if its worthwhile. It’s worth noting that any performance gains you get from a remap will largely depend on the health of your engine and turbo if applicable – so ensure your MiTo is in healthy working order.

If deciding to fit any additional performance modifications such as a sports exhaust, consider having them fitted prior to the remap for the best results.

An alternative to a remap is a tuning box you can have shipped out to you which you can install yourself or take to your local garage for installation. TMC Motosport offer a variety of different tuning boxes for the MiTo for the different engine variations. These work in a similar fashion to a remap, boosting engine performance and power delivery.

Air Filter/Intake

When it comes to enhancing the performance and driving experience of your Alfa Romeo MiTo, one often overlooked modification is upgrading the air filter and intake system. A high-quality aftermarket air filter and intake can offer numerous benefits in terms of sound and performance, making it a worthwhile investment for MiTo enthusiasts.

While the performance gains may be minimal compared to some other mods, there is a lot of audible sound gains to be had! This is especially true for an open cone filter like the RamAir. 

An aftermarket intake allows your engine to breathe more freely, creating a deeper, more aggressive engine note. If your MiTo is equipped with a turbocharger, an aftermarket intake can also enhance the audible spooling sound of the turbo- which is very addictive!

There are many options to choose from depending on your model. This induction kit is a great option for the TJet engines. It comes with an open cone filter and silicone intake hose for maximum sound and performance benefits. It also comes in red to give your engine bay some extra swagger.

Lowering Springs/Coilovers

Lowering your MiTo can be a great way to improve both the aesthetic and performance of your car. There are many different options available, with lowering springs and coilovers being the primary ones.

The MiTo’s stock suspension is fairly soft, so it’s not surprising that lowering your car can improve handling. You’ll notice better cornering and decreased body roll, which allows you to make quick turns with ease. Lowering the vehicle also allows for better stability in high-speed driving situations due to the centre of gravity being lower.

The cheapest way of lowering your MiTo is to purchase a set of lowering springs. Eibach and H&R do a set for the MiTo which are reasonably priced and a good budget option if aesthetics are your main concern. 

Lowering springs allow you to drop the suspension, reducing the wheel arch gap as well as stiffen the ride up for performance orientated driving. 

If you are wanting to go as low as possible or get the maximum performance benefits, coilovers may be your best bet. While a more expensive option than lowering springs, coilovers allow for much more customisation. 

Coilovers allow you to adjust your car’s ride height to your preferences, and high-quality coilovers often come with adjustable damping and compression settings, allowing you to change the stiffness of the suspension to suit your specific driving conditions and personal preferences.

Going too low or too stiff with your suspension can have it’s draw-backs if you  use your MiTo for daily driving or in areas where the roads are quite rough. You may find the ride too stiff and uncomfortable. If this is a concern, give lowering springs a go which are a cheaper option and you can always upgrade to coilovers at a later stage.

When lowering your MiTo, you may want to add spacers to your wheels to improve the overall stance and bring it together nicely. 

Interior Mods

By making a few carefully chosen modifications, you can transform your MiTo’s cabin into a comfortable and customised space. Lets take a brief look at a few to give you some ideas.

Custom Steering Wheel

One of the most significant points of contact between you and your MiTo is the steering wheel. Upgrading to a custom steering wheel can not only improve the aesthetics of your interior but also provide a more enjoyable and responsive driving experience.

There are many steering wheel customisation companies out there can convert standard MiTo wheels into stylish and sporty ones tailored to your preferences. For example, they can add cabron fibre to it or even convert it to a flat bottom steering wheel to make it sporty.

Aftermarket Seats

Enhance your MiTo’s interior by swapping out the stock seats for more supportive and comfortable sport seats. These seats are designed to provide better lateral support during spirited driving, keeping you securely in place during tight cornering.

Additionally, sport seats often come in a variety of styles and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect design to match your MiTo’s interior aesthetic.

Some limited edition models of the MiTo such as the Cloverleaf actually came with sporty bucket-styled seats which really add a sporty dynamic to the interior.

Custom Shift Knob

A custom shift knob is an easy and affordable way to add a personal touch to your MiTo’s interior. Alfisti have a variety of shift knobs for you to choose from. While a simple mod, this can dramatically improve your driving experience. Aftermarket shift knobs can be weighted, meaning they feel a lot nicer when changing gears – leading to more confident and precise gear changes.


The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a great hatchback that offers a unique blend of Italian design and driving excitement. By embracing the world of modifications and upgrades, you can elevate your MiTo to a whole new level of performance, style, and individuality.

Throughout this blog post, we’ve explored the best mods and upgrades that can truly transform your MiTo into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on the road. Whether you’re seeking to boost horsepower, improve handling, or make a bold visual statement, the possibilities are endless.

Happy modding!