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Audi A1 Ultimate Mods & Upgrades

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The Audi A1 is an illustrious addition to the line-up of superminis that seamlessly blend distinctive design, advanced technology, and luxury into a compact package.

This car is a blend of youthful style and refined quality, which is easy to spot in its sharp lines and exemplary Audi craftsmanship. 

There are varying engine options available to cater to a variety of drivers.

1.0 TFSI:  This three-cylinder model offers a brilliant combination of performance and efficiency.

1.4 TFSI:  For those wanting a bit more thrust, this four-cylinder petrol engine provides a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

2.0 TFSI: As the highest-performance choice in the A1 line-up, this is the power-packed engine reserved for the S1 variant.

1.6 TDI:  The diesel variants start with this power-efficient engine, combining performance and economy.

2.0 TDI:  This high-performance diesel engine combines power with higher fuel efficiency.

There are also varying trim levels of the A1 including the SE, Sport, S-line and the S1 at the top of the range.

Due to being a practical and luxurious car, it is popular with regular drivers and enthusiasts alike. 

In this guide we’ll go over all the best way to increase the performance and looks of your Audi A1 to turn it into a beast on the roads!

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs bring a unique appeal and performance enhancement to your Audi A1.

One of the significant advantages of lowering springs is the improved handling they provide. A reduced ride height translates into lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity which helps in reducing body roll during cornering.

This provides a steady and more precise control over your Audi A1, ensuring better performance on winding roads or on the track.

Of course, many people install them simply for the looks.

If you’re aiming for a more aggressive, sporty look for your A1, lowering springs have got you covered.

By reducing the typical gap between the tyre and fender, it gives your the A1 a more sleek and streamlined stance.

Before deciding on what model of lowering springs to go for, it’s important to know what your current suspension is. Certain models of the Audi A1 come with a lower ride height from the factory so it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping for springs. 

There are a variety of quality lowering springs from manufacturers like Eibach and H&R.


Eibach Lowering Springs

Audi A1

H&R Lowering Springs

Audi A1

Wheel Upgrades

One of the easiest yet most striking mods you can do to the A1 is to upgrade the wheels. This may not be necessary if you are happy with the current wheels on the car but for many owners in some of the older base-spec A1’s, a wheel upgrade could make the car much more visually striking.

You have two options here.

You can opt for another set of Audi OEM wheels, either from your current A1’s generation or even from a later generation.

Or you can go for an aftermarket wheel which leaves you with more options and styles.

A common wheel upgrade is simply fitting a larger set of wheels. 

Early A1’s from the first generation sometimes came with the standard 15 inch wheels which are too small for some owners. Upsizing to a larger size such as 17 inch reduced the sidewall profile and gave the tyre a “fuller” and sportier look.

When shopping around for wheels, whether it be Audi wheels or aftermarket – ensure you check the specs to ensure correct fitment. This will vary depending on the model/year. 

If you are unsure of your particular A1’s wheel specs, you can go here.

From there you can search for suitable wheels to see if they match up with the correct specs. Just because all the specs don’t match up exactly (offset for example), doesn’t mean you can’t get them to fit. 

It will likely mean however that you may need to buy adapters and spacers to get them on the car so bare that in mind. 

Wheelbase is a great site that sell a variety of aftermarket alloys. You can input your particular A1 model and it will display numerous aftermarket wheels that fit right on!

Honeycomb Grill

Depending on your year and model of A1, you may already have a honeycomb grill as standard on the car. If so, you can skip this section. 

Instantly recognizable, this eye-catching design feature boasts a bold arrangement of hexagonal cells that give the front end an aggressive appearance. 

This mod can also look very nice accompanied by a blacked out Audi logo to really give it a dark and aggressive demeanour as seen in the photo above. 

To change the grill you will need to remove the front bumper so it can take a couple of hours to fit. 

You can purchase the honeycomb grills on eBay as new below.

Honeycomb Grill

Pre Facelift 2010-2014 Audi A1

Honeycomb Grill

2015-2018 Facelift Audi A1

Front Splitter

If you want to add an extra sporty dimension to the front of your A1, an aftermarket front splitter could be just what you need.

Providing both a pleasing visual upgrade and increasing the car’s aero, it’s a cost effective upgrade that can drastically change the A1.

A front splitter adds downforce to the front section of your A1, helping keep it planted better through twisty turns. The noticeable effects of this will depend on the size and setup of the splitter, and will usually only be prominent when nearing the limit of traction on places like a race track.

Most owners tend to install a front splitter for the aesthetic benefits. 

Installing a front splitter underlines the aggressive, sporty design aesthetic of the Audi A1 and gives the front end a mean high-end look.

Maxton have various splitter options for the various models of the A1.

Maxton Front Splitter

Audi A1 2018+ S-Line

Maxton Front Splitter

Audi A1 2010-2013

Painted Brake Calipers

With an array of available colours, painted brake calipers allow car enthusiasts to match or contrast the colour of their vehicle or wheels.

This adds an element of uniqueness and personalization.

Want your calipers to match your car’s sleek black body? No problem. Or maybe complement a white ride with bold red calipers? Absolutely!

While painted brake calipers don’t actually affect the performance of the vehicle, they often create a perception of enhanced performance.

In high-performance cars, brake calipers are typically painted a bold color, like red, to indicate high-performance brake systems.

Thus, painting your car’s brake calipers may give the illusion of an upgraded performance even in base spec A1’s.

This is one of those mods that you can also do yourself without much technical know-how.

Remember that when painting your brake calipers, you can’t use any old paint. You need to use paint designed specifically for calipers that can withstand the high heat generated by the braking system. 

Another key thing to remember that the key to a good finish on brake calipers is in the preparation stage. 

Before you start spraying or painting, ensure you have thoroughly scrubbed the callipers to remove any dust, grime or debris that will otherwise ruin the finish. 

Red brake caliper paint

Gloss Red Brake Caliper Paint

Gloss Yellow Brake Caliper Paint

Performance Exhaust

One of the first mods considered by many petrol head owners, an aftermarket performance exhaust is a brilliant way to unlock some extra power and sound from your tailpipes.

These exhaust systems are designed to optimize the flow of exhaust gases from the engine, reducing backpressure.

The uninterrupted gas flow results in more efficient combustion within the engine, which, in turn, boosts the engine’s horsepower and torque output.

The actual power increase you get from fitting an exhaust will depend on what sections of the exhaust you have replaced.

If you are after maximum performance, then you will want to upgrade the downpipe and replace the standard catalytic converters with sports cats or a decat pipe.

The main point of restriction in these exhausts is the downpipe and catalytic converter section so upgrading this section to flow more freely will unlock noticeable power improvements – especially combined with a remap.

If boosting the sound is your main concern, then you should look at a cat-back system.

These tend to come in either resonated form, or non resonated. Non resonated is the louder option so if you are wanting that extra sound, go with this. 

If you are wanting a little subtle sound increase, then opt for a resonated cat-back system. 

Milltek Non-Resonated Catback

Audi A1 1.4TSI 2010-2018

Cobra Resonated Cat-back

Audi A1 1.4TSI 2010-2018


If you’re looking for a simple, cost effective and reliable way to increase the power of your A1 then look no further than a remap.

A remap can totally transform the way your A1 drives, even without any other performance modifications fitted to the car.

If you do have other performance mods fitted to the car like a sports exhaust, then you can unlock even more power from a remap.

So how much power will you gain from a remap?

It will vary depending on your particular model and engine.

For example, a bone stock 1.4 TFSI engine that produces 122bhp in standard form can expect a power increase of +20bhp taking it to over 140bhp.

A 1.6TDI engine producing 103bhp can expect a large power gain of over 40bhp taking it to over 140bhp!

With the large variation in models and engines, speak to your local tuner to get an idea for what power figures they would estimate.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are an underrated, yet useful accessory that can be fitted onto your A1.

Wind deflectors are designed to change the airflow around your Audi A1’s windows, substantially reducing the wind noise when driving with the windows open. 

This leads to a quieter and more peaceful driving experience, allowing you to better enjoy music, conversations, or simply, the silence.

One of the other the primary benefits of wind deflectors is the enhanced ventilation provided.

They allow you to keep your windows slightly open, even during rain or snow, promoting better air circulation without the inconvenience of getting wet.

Lastly, wind deflectors can add a unique, stylish aesthetic to your Audi A1 and really accentuate the lines of the car around the windows.

Wind Deflectors

Audi A1 3 Door 2010+

Wind Deflectors

Audi A1 5 Door 2012-2017

Finishing Thoughts

Whether it’s increased performance or some visual style, there are loads of great options out there for you to customise your A1 and set it apart from the thousands of standard ones out there.

When it comes to the A1, some of the subtlest mods are the best ones.

A subtle drop with lowering springs, painted brake calipers and a front splitter and honeycomb grill can really transform the car and turn it into a proper head-turner.

Happy modding!