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BMW i3 Performance Tuning & Best Mods

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The BMW i3, with its futuristic design and electric drivetrain, represents a leap forward in the world of sustainable motoring.

Over the years, the i3 has seen multiple updates, with enhancements to the battery range, power output, and interior amenities.

Yet, enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike are finding that there is still room for customisation that can enhance both the appearance and performance of their i3.

In this guide we’re going to go over all the best modifications and upgrades out there to help you get the most from this great car.

Whether you are looking to improve the handing, unlock hidden features, or make it look more aggressive, this definitive guide has you covered!

We’ll start off by looking at coding your i3, a mod that anyone can do themselves on the cheap with their smartphone.

Let’s get into it!


BMW i3 OBD Coding

One of the remarkable benefits of owning a technologically advanced car like the BMW i3 is the opportunity to customise its features via coding.

The i3 comes with a variety of features that, while built into the car’s software from the factory, may not be activated for use depending on the market, model, or the package you’ve opted for.

Coding allows you to activate and customise these hidden features. 

There are loads of functional and cosmetic features that can be unlocked using coding such as:

  • having the electric wing mirrors fold when locking the car
  • USB video playback
  • adding individual tyre pressures to the TPMS display
  • remembering your last used and preferred driving mode
  • automatically heating the seats based on the outside temperature
  • remembering air con settings

and lots more!

So how do I code my BMW i3 you ask?

It’s actually fairly simple!

You will need the Bimmercode app which you can get on the app store for Windows, Android and iOS (Apple Devices).

You will also need a compatible adapter. The UniCarScan one below is the one we would recommend for phones due to it’s great price and easy setup.

With the below adapter and app installed, you’ll be on your way to unlocking all these amazing features in minutes!

Unicarscan UCSI-2100

For coding the BMW i3


For Windows, iOS & Android

Lowering Springs

BMW i3 Lowering Springs

When it comes to modifications that can improve the aesthetics and performance of the BMW i3, lowering springs present an attractive option.

By reducing the gap between the top of the tyre and the wheel well, lowering springs can give your i3 a sportier, more aggressive look. 

As you would expect, lowering springs lower the car’s centre of gravity, leading to improvements in handling.

This enhances the rigidity of the suspension and stiffer spring rate decreases body roll while cornering. As a result, your i3 will feel more composed and secure on the road, giving you greater confidence when navigating corners or performing quick manoeuvres.

It’s important to opt for a high quality set of lowering springs like the ones at the bottom of this section to maintain the ride comfort of the i3. You don’t want the car feeling too stiff going over bumps, especially if you drive in areas with uneven road surfaces or lots of potholes.

A drop of 25mm is most common, which gives the car a nice stance whilst also not being too low for daily driving and clearing bumps.

BMW i3 Direnza Lowering Springs

Direnza Lowering Springs

For the i3/i3 Rex

AST Lowering Springs

For the i3/i3 Rex

Wheel Spacers

BMW i3 Wheel Spacers

For many BMW i3 owners, the appeal of wheel spacers is in the transformation of the car’s aesthetics.

The spacers bring the wheels flush with the fenders, a look that is often associated with sportiness and assertiveness.

This subtle change can make a significant impact on the i3’s overall appearance, giving it a more aggressive and customised stance that sets it apart from the factory setup.

They are also very useful if you plan on fitting aftermarket wheels.

Sometimes, the desired wheel offset is not available, or the selection might be limited when looking for wheels that match the BMW i3’s bolt pattern and hub specifications.

With spacers, you can adjust the offset of your wheels to achieve the perfect fitments of many aftermarket wheels!

Finally, wheel spacers can actually sometimes improve performance as well.

By pushing the wheels further out from the hub, wheel spacers widen the i3’s track width. This wider stance reduces body roll during cornering and can improve the car’s grip on the road.

Many owners report increased stability during highway driving, especially during high winds.

15m-20mm is a common spacer size on the stock wheels.

BMW i3 Wheel Spacers MTEC

MTEC 15/20mm Wheel Spacers

For the BMW i3

Front Splitter/Lip

One of the primary functions of a front splitter is to manage airflow around the car, improving its aerodynamics.

The purpose of the splitter is to create a high-pressure zone at its front, which prevents air from rushing underneath the car.

This high-pressure area helps to reduce lift, increase traction, and enhance stability, especially at high speeds.

With the i3 being an electric car, improved aerodynamics can contribute towards more efficient battery usage and potentially extend the range. Although how noticeable this will be is up for debate.

Most owners don’t add a front splitter for any of the functional reasons though. Most opt to install one for the visual appeal.

By providing a sportier and more aggressive look to the front-end, the car gets a ground-hugging effect which makes it look like it’s sitting lower.

Be sure to opt for a splitter made from a durable material. It isn’t uncommon for splitters to come into contact with high kerbs, especially if your i3 is lowered.


BMW i3 Sideskirts

Sideskirts extensions are a subtle yet very effective visual upgrade that also provide some overlooked practical benefits.

The sideskirts extensions, running along the lower section of the car’s side panel, can give the i3 a lower, sportier appearance.

Sideskirt extensions are not just about good looks though.

They also serve a functional purpose. 

By creating a streamlined surface along the sides of the car, they redirect the airflow, reducing turbulence and lift beneath the car. This, in turn, can enhance the i3’s overall aerodynamic efficiency.

They also offer protection to your side panels against road debris that your tyres may kick up such as stones and grit. This can help preserve the body work and paintwork of the standard sideskirts, maintaining the resale value of the car.

Maxton Sideskirt Extensions

For the BMW i3 (2017-2022)

Tinted Windows

BMW i3 Tinted Windows

One of the main functional benefits of window tinting is the increased comfort it brings to the interior of the car.

The tint can reject up to 60% of the sun’s heat that enters through the windows. This makes an enormous difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your i3, especially during the peak summer months. 

By reducing reliance on air conditioning, you can also preserve the i3’s battery life, thereby improving range.

Beyond practical benefits, tinting the rear windows of your BMW i3 can add a certain style and aesthetically pleasing quality that many owners desire.

The tinted look can provide a sleek, polished finish to the car.

Just be aware of local laws and regulations regarding window tinting.

Generally speaking in most places, you are okay to tint the rear windows as much as you like, however you may be limited on how much you can tint the fronts.

If you’re up for tinting them yourself, you can buy kits online like the one below.

Window Tinting Kit

Window Tint Film

Fits the BMW i3

Painted Brake Calipers

BMW i3 Painted Brake Calipers

If you’re after a simple cosmetic mod you can do yourself, then why not consider painting your i3’s brake calipers?

The brake calipers are not just functional components—they’re also a visible part of the car’s aesthetic.

Painting these parts can create a striking visual contrast, particularly if your i3 has open design, large-diameter wheels.

Whether you opt for a vibrant colour like red that pops or a subdued tone that subtly complements the car’s overall colour scheme, painted brake calipers can make a distinctive style statement.

It’s important to use the right brake caliper paint that is designed to withstand high temperatures. Normal paint simply won’t work and will fade off as soon as the brakes start to get hot.

You will want to take your time with this process, and remember that most of the work is in the prep!

Red brake caliper paint

Gloss Red Brake Caliper Paint

Gloss Yellow Brake Caliper Paint

Finishing Thoughts

Making custom modifications to your own BMW i3 not only enhances your driving experience but can be a thrilling journey in itself.

Whether it’s tapping into the hidden possibilities through coding, boosting aerodynamics with a front splitter, or improving handling with lowering springs, each modification is a way of leaving your personal mark on your car.

Happy modding!