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BMW i8 Tuning Guide & Best Mods

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The BMW i8 is an icon of innovation, seamlessly blending sporty aesthetics, outstanding efficiency, and fantastic power in the one package.

Beneath its stunning design, the i8 is equipped with a 1.5L, 3-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor – mustering up to 369hp!

Its plug-in hybrid system enables the car to run entirely on electric power, making it an eco-friendly choice among sports cars.

Utilising the electric motor alone, the car can attain a top speed of 75 mph, and combined with the petrol engine, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds.

However, even for this technological marvel, we believe there is still some room for improvement. As do many other enthusiast owners! 

In this guide, we’re going to go over all the best mods and upgrades to improve the performance and even the looks of your i8. 

We’ll take a look at some performance upgrades first to enhance both the power and handling, then we’ll go into some of the popular cosmetic mods.

Let’s get into it!

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs bring the BMW i8 even closer to the ground, which does more than just give it an aggressive stance. 

By lowering the car’s centre of gravity, handling and stability are significantly improved, especially during high-speed cornering.

The iconic silhouette of the BMW i8 becomes even more pronounced with the installation of lowering springs. The reduced wheel gap results in a sleeker profile that aligns with the expectations of a cutting-edge sports car.

With a lowered suspension, the BMW i8 experiences less body roll during cornering. This provides a more planted feel and better feedback, allowing for more confident and spirited driving.

While the aesthetic and performance benefits are clear, it’s important to recognise that installing lowering springs can make the ride stiffer. While this is good for performance, too stiff a suspension can make daily driving uncomfortable and ruin the ride quality.

Ensure you opt for a high quality set of springs from a reputable manufacturer such as H&R to maintain ride comfort.

After installing lowering springs, the i8 will need a full wheel alignment to ensure the wheels are correctly calibrated to the new ride height. This step is crucial to prevent uneven tyre wear and potential handling issues.

H&R 20mm Lowering Springs

For the BMW i8

Performance Panel Filter

The core advantage of a performance panel filter rests in its ability to facilitate a more efficient airflow to the engine. Unlike standard filters, performance filters are designed to allow more air to pass through without sacrificing filtration quality.

While you won’t see significant power gains, many owners report an improved throttle response from the installation of a performance panel filter. 

With proper maintenance and cleaning, these durable panel filters can last a very long time as they are reusable. This saves you changing the standard paper filter at every service.

Installing a performance panel filter is one of the most straightforward improvements you can make to your i8. It typically requires no special tools or extensive mechanical knowledge, making it an ideal DIY project for most car owners.

The filter fits directly into the existing airbox, making it a plug-and-play upgrade that keeps the engine bay looking OEM.

We would recommend either a panel filter from Pipercross or Ramair. Both are fantastic options that you can’t go wrong with.

BMW i8 Ramair Panel Filter

Ramair Performance Panel Filter

Fits the BMW i8

Pipercross Performance Panel Filter

Fits the BMW i8


BMW i8 Remap

An ECU remap of the BMW i8 can yield substantial gains and is one of the best bang for buck mods available for increasing power.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) of your BMW i8 controls various parameters related to your engine’s operation and performance.

Remapping the ECU involves changing these parameters to push the limits of performance, enhancing power and torque.

You can expect to see increases of around 30bhp and an improved throttle response.

One of the great things about a remap is that it doesn’t require any other physical modifications like an exhaust to be installed. It’s software only!

Always go for a bespoke remap on a rolling road (dyno) for best results and try to find a local tuner that has experience with the BMW i8 and it’s TwinPower 1.5L engine.


BMW i8 Bimmercode

What if you could personalise your driving experience and unlock hidden features on your i8 to make it even more unique?

Enter BimmerCode – the coding app designed specifically for BMWs that offers a plethora of customisation options to enhance your i8’s functionality.

The word “coding” might sound daunting but you don’t need any technical experience. In fact, you can do all this from the Bimmercode app on your smartphone with just a few taps!

It’s designed to be user-friendly, and all you need is an OBD-II adapter and your phone to get going. We’ve put links to the required adapter at the bottom of this section. You can get the Bimmercode app from your phones app store.

So what features does the app allow you to customise?

Loads is the answer! Let’s take a look at some popular ones.

  • Customising Ambient Lighting – The i8, like many BMWs, comes with ambient lighting that adds to the luxury feel of the cabin. But did you know you can customise these colours and effects? BimmerCode lets you adjust the brightness and set the mood exactly to your taste.
  • Fold Mirrors with Key Fob – You can program your i8’s side mirrors to automatically fold when you lock the car with the key fob, adding convenience and protection from potential damage when parked.
  • Adjust Warning Chimes and Signals – You have the option to customise the volume or complete setup of warning chimes and signals, tailoring them to be more or less noticeable as per your preference.
  • Air Con Preferences – You can adjust the air con settings, allowing the computer to remember your aircon preferences, saving you messing about with the controls.

There are dozens of more features available literally at your fingertips, making this an extremely popular app among i8 enthusiasts.

Unicarscan UCSI-2100

For coding the BMW i8


For Windows, iOS & Android

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are a relatively simple addition that can give your i8 a sportier stance and even improve handling. 

If you’re after an aggressive, sportier look, wheel spacers might be one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve it. They make the wheels protrude slightly, giving the i8 an overall wider and more aggressive appearance that accentuates its sporty design.

On the performance side of things, spacers widen the car’s track, which can increase stability during sharp cornering or sudden high speed manoeuvres. 

If you are running OEM wheels, the most common size of spacers is 15mm front and rear. This size ends to bring the wheels flush with the i8’s body and shouldn’t cause any issues at all.

BMW i8 Wheel Spacers MTEC

15mm/20mm Wheel Spacers

For the BMW i8

Front Splitter

BMW i8 Front Splitter

The BMW i8 is an undeniable head-turner, but a front splitter can accentuate its futuristic silhouette even more.

This addition can bring a more pronounced, racing-inspired look to the front end of the car.

Aside from looks, one of the main functional benefits of installing a front splitter on your i8 is the enhancement of downforce. As air rushes over the body of the car, the splitter acts as a wedge that forces the air up, thereby increasing the pressure on the front axle.

This leads to better traction and greater stability when cornering. 

BMW i8 Front Splitter

Front Splitter

For the BMW i8

Sideskirt Extensions

One of the main advantages of adding sideskirt extensions to your BMW i8 is the boost in aesthetic appeal. These sleek and stylish components not only emphasise the i8’s existing design elements but also add a bold and aggressive touch to the car’s overall appearance.

They are subtle while being very effective at accentuating the car’s futuristic lines.

Sideskirt extensions can also improve the aerodynamics of the car. 

They do this by reducing the amount of high-pressure air flowing beneath the car, decreasing turbulence and air resistance.

Another advantage lies in the enhanced protection of the side of the car. By shielding the undercarriage from debris, dirt, and other potential hazards, they help prevent wear and marks to the i8’s body.

Maxton Sideskirts

For the BMW i8

Aftermarket Spoiler

BMW i8 Rear Spoiler

The custom accessory distinctly highlights and complements the car’s pronounced rear design. If you’re aiming to make your i8 as eye-catching as possible, a spoiler will offer it an edgy, sporty vibe that truly sets it apart from the crowd.

Like the sideskirts and front splitter, this is another subtle mod that can make a big difference to the looks of the car. 

Unlike many aftermarket spoilers and wings available for other cars, the spoiler for the i8 blends seamlessly with the car, giving it an OEM+ look.

BMW i8 Rear Wing

Rear Spoiler

For the BMW i8

Rear Diffuser

BMW i8 Rear Diffuser

An aftermarket rear diffuser/rear splitter is a fantastic addition to the rear end of the car, giving it a sportier look and even helping improve aerodynamics.

Like the previous few cosmetic mods, it’s a subtle change – yet dramatic enough to provide that extra visual appeal.

The sharp lines that run acorss the rear bumper compliment the i8 nicely, and suit the car very well when paired with a spoiler and sideskirt extensions.

BMW i8 Rear Diffuser Carbon Fibre

Rear Diffuser

For the BMW i8

The Verdict

We hope this guide gave you some food for thought when it comes to upgrading your i8.

When it comes to performance, the engine is quite highly tuned from the factory so you aren’t going to get significant power gains unless you spend a lot of money. The best valued power upgrades remain a remap and panel filter. 

Of course, handling performance matters as well. Some H&R lowering springs can help your i8 in the corners and give the car a sleeker stance.

The i8 remains a head turner on the street, but with some subtle cosmetic mods like a rear spoiler and front splitter, you can make it look even more bold.

Happy modding!