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BMW M340i

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The BMW M340i is a high-performance model that falls within the 3 series line of BMW. The car balances sportiness and practicality, making it an engaging drive that is comfortable for everyday use.

What makes the M340i particularly interesting for performance tuning enthusiasts is its B58 engine, which has a high tuning potential.

In stock condition, these engines are already quite potent, but with the appropriate performance modifications, you can unlock even more power.

If you’re an enthusiast owner looking for the best mods and upgrades for your M340i, check out our guides below!

Best Downpipes Upgrades

A downpipe upgrade is one of the best bang-for-buck performance mods available for the M340i. 

In this guide, we go over all the best options on the market along with things to consider and tips for installation.