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BMW X4 Best Mods & Upgrades

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The BMW X4 is a compact luxury crossover SUV that perfectly combines the sporty dynamics of a coupe with the robustness and practicality of an SUV.

Since its inception, the X4 has experienced a couple of significant changes and updates, resulting in two distinct generations.

First-Generation (2015-2018): This original incarnation of the X4 was built on the BMW F26 platform. It came with a choice of two petrol engines and two diesel engines, all with various power outputs. Standout features of this generation included the xDrive all-wheel drive system and an 8 speed automatic transmission.

Second-Generation (2019-Present): The second and current generation saw the transition of the X4 onto the new BMW G02 platform, bringing along improvements in design, handling, and technology. This generation showcases a sleeker, more aggressive design and additional optional features such as adaptive suspension and the advanced BMW Gesture Control system.

Regardless of what year and model your X4 is, we’ll go over all the best modifications and upgrades available to increase both performance and aesthetics. 

Let’s dive right in!

Performance Exhaust

Installing an aftermarket sports exhaust not improves your X4’s sound, but it can also enhance performance.

Aftermarket exhaust systems can provide a deeper and more aggressive tone, adding a unique character to your BMW X4. Depending on the particular exhaust system used, the sound can range from subtle and refined to prominently sporty.

For the X4 which is a comfortable cruiser, a subtle boost in exhaust noise is often desired. This is where you want some extra sound when you really put the foot down but not an exhaust note that is overbearing or loud at motorway speeds.

For this, you could buy an aftermarket backbox/have one fabricated or go for a resonator delete to make the exhaust sound deeper and slightly more aggressive.

The sound enhancement will also depend on what model of X4 you have. 

The diesel engines won’t sound as good as the petrol engines when opened up a bit more. The most popular model for an exhaust upgrade is the X4 M which can sound really aggressive with the right exhaust system. 

For X4 M owners, you can check out the cat-back system by Remus.

Remus Catback

For the X4 M


A remap/tune is one of the most cost effective performance upgrades available for the BMW X4.

A remap is a software upgrade that alters the parameters of the ECU to produce more power and torque. It can also massively improve the throttle response and improve the overall driveability of the car. 

You don’t need any other modifications such as an exhaust to benefit from a remap, although additional power gains can be achieved if you are having your X4 remapped with other performance mods fitted. 

Many tuning companies will offer remaps in stages such as “Stage 1” or “Stage 2”.

A Stage 1 remap is typically just a remap with no supporting mods and is the most common type of remap by X4 owners. 

The supporting modifications for a Stage 2 remap vary depending on the tuner but often include upgrades like a downpipe.

How much power you will gain from a remap will depend on what model you have and the health of the engine.

For example, on the X4 20d version which produces 187hp from the factory, you can achieve power gains of over 45hp from just a remap!

On the X4 20i you can get over 30bhp from a remap. 

Both petrol and diesel X4’s respond well to tuning.

Always aim to get a bespoke remap done on a dyno/rolling road for the best results. 

Wing Mirror Covers

Wing mirror caps, while they seem insignificant in the grand scheme of what makes up a BMW X4, can really make a massive visual difference. 

These accessories are available in a variety of styles and colours, including carbon fibre, gloss black, matte black, and even some bespoke options.

By selecting mirror caps in a unique colour or finish that complements or contrasts with your car’s paint job, you can make your X4 stand out on the roads.

Carbon fibre is a popular option that looks very slick and can really compliment almost any colour of X4.  

Carbon fibre can create a really nice contrast, and can really add to the visual sportiness of the car. 

While you can buy caps that are made to fit, you can also wrap them yourself which some owners opt to do to save some money. 

Mirror Caps

For the BMW X4

Carbon Fibre Vinyl

Fits the BMW X4

Rear Boot Spoiler

Adding a rear spoiler extension to the X4’s boot significantly enhances the car with a captivating blend of sophistication and sporty dynamism.

When viewed from behind, this addition creates a strikingly poised stance, harmonising with the curvaceous lines and muscular contours that define the car.

There is an OEM M Performance carbon spoiler that is available from BMW in some regions, although this can be quite costly.

There are various aftermarket options out there that can give you the same or similar look for a lot less money. 

Take a look at the spoiler at the bottom of this section for example. 

This provides the same look as the OEM carbon spoiler for a lot less money and can be fitted with adhesive meaning you can do it yourself at home and save on labour costs. 

Many rear spoilers will come either unpainted or in black. You could opt to have this paint matched to the car if you want it to blend in or you can keep it black to create some cntrast and help draw more attention to it. 

Boot Lip Spoiler

For the BMW X4

Front Splitter

Adding a front splitter to the BMW X4 handsomely refines the front end giving it some elegant aggression. 

This extension of the front bumper helps create a lower and sportier stance, and compliments the sharp lines of the front nicely.

Aside from looking great, a front splitter can also provide performance benefits by improving the aero and downforce at the front of the car. 

Maxton offer aftermarket front splitters for both generations of the X4 on eBay.

Made from ABS plastic, these splitters are more resistant to ding and bumps than many cheap generic front splitters out there. 

These come with the fitting kit and fitting instructions so you can get it installed yourself. 

For installing yourself, you will need to be comfortable with marking drilling points and drilling into the bumper to secure this. If you aren’t, consider getting a local garage or body shop to install it for you. 

Coloured Brake Calipers

Coloured brake calipers add vibrancy, and an exciting splash of colour peeking through the wheels.

Choosing a bold colour like red, yellow or blue is a popular choice and gives your BMW X4 a more aggressive and sporty look.

You have different creative options at your disposal when it comes to painting the brake calipers. 

You can go for a colour that creates a nice contrast with the body of the car or you can go for a harmonising colour to match the body colour of your X4.

One of the great things about this mod is that it’s often something you can do yourself at home for not a lot of money. 

All the materials you need can be purchased online such as high temperature brake paint and brake cleaner. 

Take your time to prep the calipers well before rushing into painting. Ensuring that they are clean from dust, dirt and rust will give you a much nicer and longer lasting finish. 

Red brake caliper paint

Red Brake Caliper Paint

For the BMW X4

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers help give your X4 an aggressive stance by pushing the wheels outwards in line with the body and amplifying the car’s already muscular look.

This increased track width gives the X4 a planted look and can really help draw attention to the wheels. 

When it comes to spacers, always go with reputable manufacturers as you don’t want to cheap out on what could potentially cause major problems. Think wheels falling off!

As long as you go with a high quality set and install them properly, there should be no safety concerns. 

There are spacers available in various sizes. The size (often measured in mm) will depend on what tyre and wheel combo you are running and how much you want to push the wheels out. 

For maximum reliability, opt for a set of hub-centric spacers.

On the stock wheels, 15mm is a common size for spacers to make the wheels sit more flush with the body.

Finishing Thoughts

We hope you found this guide useful in giving you some ideas for modding your X4.

When it comes to the exterior, subtle changes are often the best as it already boasts a bold and striking design that doesn’t need drastic changes. 

Mods like a rear spoiler, front splitter and coloured brake calipers can go a long way into making your X4 a head-turner.

When it comes to performance, the gains you get will largely depend on the model and engine you have. 

Regardless of model, an exhaust and engine remap are the best value for money power modifications you can do. 

Happy modding!