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Golf R Best Interior Mods

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We know that you love your Golf R. We love it too! It’s fast, fun to drive, and it’s stylish. It’s also one of the most popular hot hatches on the road today. 

If you want your Golf R to stand out from the crowd, one of the best things you can do is personalize it with some interior modifications. 

We’ve put together a list of our favorite interior mods for the Golf R. Many of these are easy to install, and all of them will make your car feel like it’s yours. So whether you’re looking for something subtle or something bold, you will hopefully find some inspiration in this article.

Lets get started!

Gearknob Upgrades

These mods are mainly for you owners who own a manual version of the R.

Customizing the gearknob on your car can be a great way of styling the interior and helping the shifter match a certain color scheme or theme you have going. The OEM shifter on the Golf R is modern and slick, but maybe you want something a bit different looking or something that feels a bit smoother.

If so, you could opt for a custom gearknob/gearstick. Companies like SportShifters offer various options that you can customize to style if however you like with various colors and upholstery options available. 

It’s not all about looks though with the gearknob upgrades, did you know there also some performance enhancing functional mods you can do to your gearstick?

Lets look at the short shifter.

This is a kit that reduces the throw of the gearstick thus reducing the travel between the gears. Depending on the kit you get, you can expect a reduction in travel between 25-40% which is a massive difference. If you chose a manual version of the Golf R then chances are you enjoy rowing through the cars and the engagement of a manual shifter. If so, then this mod is for you.

A short shifter kit can really enhance your driving experience and make daily driving all that more fun with the slick and precise shifting that will have you flying through the gears at ease.

Interior Trim Styling

Sometimes subtle changes make all the difference, and when you have various subtle changes then it can really come together to transform the interior of your car. Lets take a look at some various interior elements you can style and upgrade to make your Golf R unique and stylish. 

One of the most common interior modifications to make is introducing carbon fibre. This can be in subtle places like the door handles or on the centre console. Carbon fibre can blend very nicely with the dark styled dashboard, adding a subtle premium contrast. 

Other subtle mods can be a custom start/stop engine button and styling the vent covers and dashboard outlines. You can buy bespoke carbon fibre parts for these areas of your R at various online websites. Of course, if you are wanting to add your own touch of color to these areas then you can have a go at wrapping them yourself. This is great if you can’t find something off the shelf that fits the color scheme or style you are going for with the interior of your car. You can get some carbon fibre wrap on Amazon here.

Floor Mats

You likely know the importance of car mats for protecting the carpet of your car against dirt and spills. However custom cars mats can offer additional styling and functional benefits.

High quality car mats can provide an enhanced ant-skid base and come in many different styles to match the color scheme of your car. By protecting the interior of your car, you are also protecting the resale value as well as improving it aesthetically. 

Lets say you had a red painted exterior and some red footwell lighting. A nice red themed car mat could really compliment this nicely. Or perhaps a more elegant styled mat to match the upholstery of your R to add a classy touch. 

Whatever style you are going for, there are so many options for custom car mats out there. 

Seat Upgrades

The seats that come as standard on the Golf R as comfy and most drivers will be satisfied with them. There are a couple of things you can do both customise the look and feel of the seats in your R.

If you are into your spirited driving or track days, then perhaps you could benefit from upgrading to bucket seats. These hold you firmer when you are taking the corners and keep you nice and planted in your seat so you can focus more on the driving and not holding onto the steering wheel for dear life. Bucket seats do come at the expense of comfort though, so do keep that in mind if your Golf R is your daily commuter. 

If you don’t want to opt for bucket seats or aftermarket options, you can swap seats from other trim versions of the R. For example certain models have the cloth seats while others have the leather seats. If they are from the same model of the Golf then they should be a straight swap with minimal tinkering. 


If you’re a serious car enthusiast, you probably know all about boost gauges. These are important to car enthusiasts because they help you monitor your car’s performance and detect any issues that might be going on with your car behind the scenes.

Boost gauges are one of the most crucial tools in any serious car enthusiast’s toolkit. They help you monitor exactly how much boost pressure your turbo is producing at any given moment, so that you can make sure it’s operating safely and identify any potential boost leaks.

You can get bespoke gauges that slot into the vents that can help preserve the OEM appearance and provide easy viewing while driving.

If you want to take it a step further and get some important real time figures from your car across a multitude of parameters, you can invest in a multi gauge like this from P3 Gauges.

This is a very useful tool for checking various real time readouts from your car including air/fuel ratio, boost, intake temps, EGT’s and more. It also has a neat feature for measuring 0-60 and other distances so it gives you more excuses to launch your R!

Steering Wheel Mods

The Golf R’s stock steering wheel is modern and slick, but there are some nice mods you can do that can improve the look, feel and driving experience. 

You have the option of getting the steering wheel retrimmed or putting a cover over it to change the style and feel of the wheel which can also help provide additional grip. Carbon fibre is a popular addition to the wheel, especially around the top. 

An alcantara styled wheel is a nice option and the styling will make the wheel slightly thicker, providing a nice feel. Its worth keeping in mind with alcantara that regular cleaning of the wheel will be required in order to maintain the quality of the material.

A very nice mod which is popular among Golf R enthusiasts is the LED shift lights on the steering wheel. This is a slick mod that is great at enhancing your driving experience. These shift indicators represent the current RPM, moving as you rise through the revs and indicating when to shift. A fantastic looking and functional modification perfect for those who like an engaging and sporty drive.  

Finishing Thoughts

So there you have it! The best interior modifications you can do to make your Golf R more personal and unique.

It’s the little details that can make all the difference in how you feel about your car, and we hope this list helped you find a few nice mods.

Remember, the possibilities are endless! And with these tips and ideas, you’ll be able to create an interior that’s unique and sets your Golf R apart.

Golf R Ultimate Exterior Mods