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Honda Civic FN2 Type R

Modding & Upgrade Guides

This third-generation model of the Type R was unveiled at the London Motor Show in July 2007, succeeding the EP3.

The FN2 Type R deviates significantly from its predecessor with a striking, futuristic design language.

Under the hood, it features a naturally aspirated 2.0L that squeals out just under 200hp and revs all the way to 8000rpm.

Similar to the previous Type R, the FN2 has a large enthusiast community dedicated to modifying and upgrading the car.

If you’re on of those people, check out out guides below.

Best Suspension Upgrades

Whether you want some extra handling performance for the street or for the track, this guide has you covered.

We’ll go over the most proven and effective suspension upgrades that help transform the FN2 into a proper beast!

Best Exhaust Systems

There is few things as satisfying as hearing the K20 engine scream at 8000RPM. An aftermarket exhaust system can make this even more exciting.

In this guide, we cover all the best exhaust upgrades for both performance and sound!