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Hyundai i10

Modding & Upgrade Guides

First launched in 2007 as a replacement for Hyundai Atos, the Hyundai i10 has been a popular car for many motorists due to it’s versatility, affordability and low running costs.

The first-generation i10 (2007-2013) was known for its functional design, with a primary focus on convenience and comfort.

However, the second generation (2013-2019) has seen a major aesthetic overhaul with a more fluid design, extended features, and enriched interiors.

With the current third generation launched in 2019, Hyundai took it a step further, introducing a more refined, stylish, and sportier i10 N model.

While many owners are content with their i10 in standard form, many get the modification bug and get the urge to upgrade and personalise it. If this is you, check out our guides below.

Tuning Guide & Best Mods

Whether you are looking for some extra performance or are looking to spruce up the exterior of your i10, this guide has you covered!

We’ll go over all the most popular mods for this car including exhausts, lowering springs, interior mods and lots more.