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Lexus CT200h Ultimate Mods & Upgrades

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The Lexus CT200h is a luxury hybrid hatchback introduced in 2010 as part of Lexus’ strategy to compete in the rapidly growing market of fuel-efficient, eco-friendly vehicles.

Built on the Toyota Prius platform, the CT200h boasts a 1.8L four cylinder engine coupled with an electric motor and continuously variable transmission (CVT), resulting in a combined output of 134hp.

Producing a modest 134hp, the CT200h doesn’t offer significant room for power improvements due to it’s hybrid drivetrain that doesn’t respond that well to upgrades.

There are loads of great ways to customize the looks however. 

Whether it’s a suspension drop, wheel upgrades or a body kit – there are various aftermarket options for you to make this car your own and make it a real head-turner on the road.

Let’s get right into it!

Wheel Upgrades

When it comes to wheels, you have so many options.

You can go aftermarket, big or small or have the OEM wheels customised to your liking.

Regardless, changes to your wheels can make the biggest visual impact to the car.

Many owners want to make the CT200h look more sporty so decide to upsize their wheels to a larger diameter. The most you can tend to go comfortably and reliably is 18-19 inch wheels.

While they can look better, larger diameter wheels don’t provide as much comfort as smaller sized ones that run tyres with larger sidewalls. 

Larger sidewall tyres are more adept at absorbing road imperfections so it’s worth considering if you really want to go for large wheels if you live in pothole-ridden areas.

When shopping around for aftermarket wheels, it can be good to find wheels that are a direct fit or a close fit to minimise how much tinkering you have to do to ensure correct fitment. 

Here are some important elements to consider if shopping for aftermarket wheels:

  • Bolt pattern/PCD
  • Offset
  • Diameter/width
  • Backspacing
  • Centre bore

If you are unsure or don’t want to mess around with adapters to get the correct fitment, you can go to a site like Alloywheels.

This site lists various aftermarket wheel options that will fit your model to take a lot of the hassle away.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs bring a host of visual and performance benefits.

Installing lowering springs on your CT200h results in a lowered center of gravity, which can significantly improve the car’s handling capabilities.

It leads to reduced body roll during high-speed cornering, making the car feel more planted when you are pushing on. 

Aside from improved handling performance, many owners are motivated by the visual changes. 

Lowering springs give the car a lowered profile leading to a stylish, sporty, and aggressive aesthetic. The decreased wheel-to-fender gap provides a streamlined look that can look really nice when combined with wheel spacers.

If you have aftermarket wheels, then lowering springs can also be used to help make them more prominent.

Big, flashy wheels tend to stand out more when the vehicle body is closer to the road.

You have some different options from manufacturers like Eibach and Direnza.

Just be aware of fitment differences as certain models of the CT200h such as the F-Sport come with a lowered ride height and stiffer springs. You can actually purchase the OEM F-Sport lowering springs although they come in a bit more expensive than aftermarket options. 

Always check the springs are compatible with your particular model.

20-30mm is a common drop height. 

Eibach Lowering Springs

For the Lexus CT200h

Direnza Lowering Springs

For the Lexus CT200h

Painted Brake Calipers

Painting your brake calipers is an easy and affordable way to customize and enhance the appearance of your car, giving it that personal touch.

Painting your brake calipers provides a stunning contrast against your wheels and tires, immediately grabbing attention. A well-chosen color can complement your Lexus’s paint job or stand out to create a striking visual effect.

With numerous paint colors available, you can select one that showcases your unique style or matches any accent coloring you have going on with the car.

Dare to be bold with vibrant colors like red, yellow, or blue, or opt for a more subtle approach with black or gray.

Painting your brake calipers at home is easier than you might think and you don’t need to be mechanically competent. 

Remember to always use high temperature brake caliper paint available on eBay as normal paint won’t withstand the high operating temperature of the brakes. 

If there’s one thing to remember about the process, remember that the key to a good finish is in the prep stage. 

Ensuring that the calipers are free from dust, dirt and rust will help ensure that your paint looks at it’s best and lasts. 

Painted/Wrapped Wing Mirrors

Having your wing mirrors painted or wrapped is a subtle way to add some contrast to your exterior.

While some CT200h’s come out of the factory spec’d like this, many simply have wing mirrors that match the body of the car.

Many owners opt to go for a high contrasting color when painting/wrapping the wing mirrors.

Black wing mirrors are a popular option due to their fleibility with most body colours. These can look really good if you have black wheels or other black accents on the exterior.

Aside from choosing the color, the next main choice you will have is if you want it wrapped vs painted.

While fresh paint can look incredible, it can be slightly more expensive than wrapping which you may even be able to do yourself. Regular maintenance like waxing or paint protection films are required to keep painted surfaces looking their best.

Wrapping involves a straightforward process and is significantly less disruptive than a full paint job. It also means if you don’t like it you can simply remove it and go back to the way it was without having to get it repainted again. 

You can buy black 3M wrap here on eBay.

Wind Deflectors

One of the most considerable benefits of having wind deflectors fitted on your CT200h is the significant reduction in wind noise.

As their name suggests, these deflectors ‘deflect’ the wind that would otherwise rush into your car when your windows are down, leading to a quieter and more comfortable ride as well as shielding you better from rain and snow.

If you drive in a hot climate, they can be very useful.

There’s no denying the comfort that a cool breeze can offer on a hot day. Wind deflectors enable you to crack open your windows and enjoy that breeze without worrying about wind blasts. 

On top of all this, they also look pretty cool!

You can get an affordable set below.

Wind Deflectors

For the Lexus CT200h

Exhaust Upgrade

Due to the hybrid and economical nature of the car, the exhaust note is very muffled in standard form. 

For car enthusiasts, the exhaust note is one of the most satisfying sounds and acts as music to the ears.

Opting for an aftermarket muffler can enhance the sound of the CT200h and add a sporty aura to it.

An aftermarket system from a manufacturer like HKS can really transform the driving experience and make the car a lot less…silent.

Some performance exhaust systems on cars offer power gains however the gains will be minimal on the CT200h. 

Aside from the increase in sound, an aftermarket exhaust system often comes with sporty premium looking tailpipes to really compliment the rear of the car. 

Front Lip/Splitter

Adding a front splitter/lip to your CT200h is a great way to make the front end more aggressive and sporty. 

The sharp lines of a front splitter can enhance the edges of the bumper, creating a lower looking stance and mean look.

Front splitters also offer performance benefits in the form of increased downforce, however these effects are unlikely to be noticeable in everyday driving. 

You have the option of buying a splitter bespoke for the CT200h such as the one at the bottom of this section.

Alternatively, you can also go the DIY route and buy a universal styled splitter and then trim it accordingly to fit. 

Regardless of which option you go for, almost all aftermarket front splitters come unpainted so you will need to factor this into the costs if you plan on having it colour matched to the body of your car. 

They don’t always need to be colour matched however, and having a bit of contrast (black splitter on a white car for example) can look really good. 

Front Splitter

For the CT200h

Finishing Thoughts

The mods and upgrades we’ve explored in this blog post are just the beginning of the countless possibilities that lie ahead for your beloved CT200h.

From suspension upgrades for better handling to exhaust systems for a sportier sound, there’s an upgrade for every owner’s taste and budget.

While you are limited with increasing the power on the car due to it’s hybrid nature and conservative engine – you can still increase the performance through handling mods which is the route many owners go down. 

Exterior mods such as a front splitter, wheels and lowering springs can really compliment the car nicely so we would focus on these over extracting additional performance.

Happy modding!