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Mazda RX8 Best Interior Mods

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The RX-8 has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide with its sleek design and innovative rotary engine. But there’s more to this vehicle than just its exterior appeal and respectable performance.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best interior mods that you can implement to elevate the driving experience, functionality, and overall aesthetic of your Mazda RX-8. So, buckle up and get ready to revamp your ride as we guide you through these top-notch modifications tailored to enhance your RX-8’s inner beauty!

Bucket Seats

One of the most popular seating upgrades done by enthusiast owners is the installation of bucket seats.

These race-inspired seats are not only a treat for the eyes but also offer numerous benefits for your beloved rotary-engine road warrior.

Bucket seats are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering optimal support to your body. Their contoured shape keeps your body snugly in place, ensuring you stay planted during spirited driving as you carve corners.

Bucket seats also have the benefit of reduced weight over OEM seats. Many aftermarket bucket seats are lightweight, meaning you can reduce the overall weight of your RX-8, which can result in better handling and acceleration.

The main drawback to keep in mind is that they don’t offer the same amount of comfort and padding as the OEM seats tend to do. Some owners can look past this and it won’t bother them. However, if you daily your RX-8 in areas where the roads are quite rough then it may get uncomfortable – especially for those longer journeys.

Steering Wheel Mods

The steering wheel is more than just a component in your vehicle. It is your direct connection to the car and the road beneath it. As you grip the steering wheel, you establish a bond with your car.

Every turn, every manoeuvre, and every adjustment you make is communicated through the steering wheel. As such, you want it to feel and look exactly how you want it.

If you are wanting something more from your RX8’s steering wheel, then you can look at modding it. You have some different options at your disposal depending on you goals and budget. 

For example, you could opt for some DIY mods such as wrapping elements of your wheel in a carbon fiber trim. Or you could swap the steering wheel for another one. The Mazda 3 steering wheel fits with minimal modification required. 

One of the most commons mods is to opt for a bespoke aftermarket steering wheel from a company specialising in modifying OEM wheels. Below are an example of some companies who do them for the RX8:

  • Realcarbontastic
  • Reggiescustomwheels

You have different options such as a flat bottom wheel, carbon fibre/suede stitching and lots more. 

Another option beyond this if your RX-8 is tracked or used for performance driving, is a quick release steering wheel. Nardo and MOMO offer good options for these. These are popular amongst enthusiast owners who like to drift or track their RX8 due to their lightweight design and ease of grip. 

Ambient Lighting

The interior of the Mazda RX8 is a comfortable place to be, but there are still some areas that could use some extra lighting. If you’re looking to add a little more style to your car’s interior, consider adding an LED ambient lighting kit. 

These kits come with everything needed for installing accent lights throughout the cabin (such as footwells). They’re available in many different colours so you can customize them to the colour and style of your RX8 and the rest of the interior. You could have the lighting scheme match the body colour of your car, or perhaps go for a different colour to add some contrast to certain darker areas of the interior.

You can run these along the door cards, around the center console/dashboard and in the footwell among other places. Don’t overdo it though, being subtle with the lighting is key to a nice colorful atmosphere within the cabin.

Short Shifter & Custom Gearknob

A short shifter reduces the distance your gear lever needs to travel between shifts, resulting in a more accurate and responsive gear change. This precision translates to better control over your vehicle, making it ideal for spirited driving or track days.

With a shorter shift distance comes faster gear changes. This increased speed can shave valuable milliseconds off your lap times, and make your everyday driving experience feel more exhilarating. It’s a performance upgrade that you’ll notice every time you get behind the wheel.

Another great benefit is that it minimizes the likelihood of selecting the wrong gear,  resulting in the dreaded “money shift”.

Another mod you can do to your shifter knob is to install an aftermarket “weighted” knob. This is a very simple and cost effective mod that not only visually transforms the gearknob, but also makes the shifting feel smoother and more crisp. A weighted gearknob has a little more extra weight to the throw leading to more confidence in your shifts.

For an elegant heavyweight shifter, check out the R-Magic shift knob here. It weighs over half a kilo and is available for both the 5 speed and 6 speed transmissions. 

Aftermarket Pedals

When it comes to performance driving, every detail matters, especially the pedals that bridge the gap between you and your machine.

High-quality aftermarket pedals often feature textured surfaces or grip-enhancing materials, ensuring your foot stays secure during those high G-force manoeuvres. This improved traction results in better control and quicker response times, making it easier to maintain precision and stability when driving your RX8 hard.

Some aftermarket pedals also offer an adjustable configuration, allowing you to tailor the spacing to your individual preferences. By optimizing the distance between the accelerator, brake, and clutch, you can achieve smoother transitions and more efficient footwork.

Additionally, upgraded pedals are typically designed with performance enthusiasts in mind, meaning they often provide better tactile feedback compared to stock pedals. This heightened sensitivity allows you to feel subtle changes in your car’s behaviour, enabling you to react more quickly and accurately.


One often overlooked yet important interior enhancement is the installation of monitoring gauges, such as oil pressure and water temperature gauges. By keeping a close eye on these crucial parameters, you can ensure your RX8 remains in top condition, while also preventing potential issues before they escalate.

Oil pressure and water temperature gauges serve as your vehicle’s early warning system. By monitoring these parameters, you can identify any irregularities that may indicate potential problems, such as decreased oil pressure, which could signal a failing oil pump or a blocked oil passage. 

Monitoring oil pressure and water temperature can help you optimize your vehicle’s performance by ensuring that both the lubrication and cooling systems are functioning at their best.

With a wide array of designs, colours, and materials available, you can select gauges that seamlessly blend with your vehicle’s interior or make a bold statement. High-quality gauges not only enhance your driving experience but also reflect your commitment to maintaining your Rex’s top performance.

Finishing Thoughts

Interior mods are an ideal starting point for enthusiasts owners looking to customize their RX-8. They are often some of the most affordable modifications available, making them perfect for those on a budget or new to the world of car modding.

From upgrading your seats and steering wheel to installing custom lighting or adding a touch of style with a new shift knob, there are countless ways to create a unique driving experience tailored to your preferences.

The right tasteful interior mods can also increase the value of your RX-8, making it a wise investment for both your present and future. In addition, interior mods are generally simple to install, allowing even novice car modders to enjoy the satisfaction of customizing their ride.

Happy modding!