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Nissan Micra K12 Tuning Guide & Best Mods

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The Nissan Micra K12, also known as the Nissan March, launched in 2002 and acted as a replacement for K11 Micra.

The K12 Micra carries a charm that’s hard to resist, especially when it comes to modifications and customisation.

The K12 comes with a variety of engines to choose from, with capacities ranging from 1.0L to 1.6L.

While not providing a large power output in stock form, one of the key attributes of the Micra is its compactness and lightweight build. This makes for great handling and a very fun driving experience.

In this guide we’ll go over all the best proven ways to boost the performance of your K12 as well as upgrade and modify it’s looks to make it a proper head turner on the road!

Aftermarket Wheels

When chosen correctly, the right wheels can completely transform your Micra K12.

By selecting the perfect combination of size and design, a refreshed and sportier look can be achieved, granting the Micra a commanding road presence often missed with its standard factory wheels.

One of the simplest wheel upgrades you can do is to upsize to larger diameter wheels. 

Larger diameter wheels tend to lend a more athletic and brisk appearance to the Micra.

Many of the OEM wheels that  come from the factory on the K12 Micra are between 14 inches and 16 inches, which some owners feel is too small. 

You can check out website like Wheelbase who can show you the compatible aftermarket wheels available for your K12.

Lowering Springs

A simple way to boost both performance and aesthetics is to install a set of lowering springs. 

Lowering springs reduce the Micra’s centre of gravity, resulting in better handling and cornering abilities.

By bringing the K12 closer to the ground, drivers can enjoy enhanced responsiveness and steering precision, making it more enjoyable to navigate winding roads and tight corners with reduced body roll.

Aside from improved handling performance, many install lowering springs with the primary objective to boost the Micra’s visual appeal. 

Installing lowering springs gives the car a more aggressive and modern stance by reducing the gap between the body and the wheels.

It’s worth keeping in mind that some models like the SR come with an option of a factory fitted sports suspension which means it will be lower than the standard ride height of other Micra’s. As such, you may not need as large a drop as you might think. 

On most models, a drop height of 25-30mm is common with lowering springs. 

You can go lower with a 50mm drop however this may not be suitable for everyone and will depend on their how much comfort you want to sacrifice and the road conditions around you.

Direnza and Eibach both offer great sets of lowering springs for the K12 which you can check out below.

Direnza Lowering Springs

Micra K12

Eibach Lowering Springs

Micra K12

Air Intake

Upgrading your intake system is a good way to gain some extra ponies and get a sportier induction sound. 

With the right intake setup, more cooler air can be drawn into the engine meaning the throttle response is improved. This can make the Micra more responsive over the entire rev range, providing a somewhat sportier result.

There aren’t a lot of options for out of the box air intake’s for the K12 Micra apart from K&N. 

Here is an aftermarket intake for the 1.4L models of the Micra.

This cone styled filter will give you a deeper growl on the throttle and can improve the flow into the engine.

You also have the option of fitting a K&N panel filter available on eBay.

These filters slot in place of the standard filter and you can retain the factory intake. The K&N panel filters are more durable than the OEM ones and can accommodate better air flow.

Performance Exhaust

Valued for its reliability and fuel efficiency, the Micra might sometimes seem lacking in the area of performance and sound. 

An aftermarket exhaust can boost both of these areas!

The basic principle of a performance exhaust system is that it allows for a faster, smoother, and more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape.

This can lead to increased power and a more responsive throttle making it feel nippier. 

While you won’t get drastic power increase just from fitting an exhaust, you can get definitely get a significant increase in sound.

The Micra’s factory-installed exhaust system is more muted, cautious, and geared towards noise reduction.

A performance exhaust offers a more rich and sporty sound and produces a satisfying deep grumble when on the gas.

There aren’t many off the shelf systems available for the K12 so your best bet is to get one locally fabricated at an exhaust shop.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are an often-overlooked accessory that can make a massive difference to the look of your Micra and your driving experience. 

These panels attach to the windows of your Micra and channel wind away from the car, as the name implies! 

While simple in functionality, they offer various benefits. 

If you like to drive with the window down and listen to that sports exhaust you have installed, then wind deflectors are invaluable. In situations where the window is down or partly down, they can help improve the aerodynamics of the car as well as reduce wind noise and wind entering the cabin. 

They are also great at keeping the rain out of your car if you have the window down slightly.

You can get a set of wind deflectors on eBay below.

Wind Deflectors

Micra K12

Rear Window Tint

Tinting the rear windows provide both practical and visual benefits and is something that can really set your Micra apart.

Tinted windows add a unique, sleek, and refined look. The added darkness at the back can provide some nice contrast to the body of the Micra and can look very nice if your Micra has other black accents or black wheels to compliment it.

On the practicality side, tinted windows can prolong the life of your Micra’s interior by reducing the chances of the upholstery being faded or cracked due to heat. 

Furthermore, it can also significantly reduce heat if your Micra has parked under the sun. No one likes going into a car that feels like an oven!

You can buy window tinting kits online if you are inclined to do it yourself, although it can be tricky to get a seamless finish. If you’re not up to the task, take it to a local tinting shop. 

Window Tinting Kit

Window Tinting Kit

Fits the Micra K12

Rear Spoiler

An aftermarket rear spoiler or spoiler extension is a subtle but effective way to give your Micra’s appearance a sporty edge.

It helps adds an element of aggression to the otherwise cute demeanour of the Micra.

Depending on your model of the K12, your Micra may already have a rear spoiler from the factory. These are models such as the Sport or SR.

If your model doesn’t have a spoiler fitted from factory, then you can go down the route of fitting an OEM one from another model. 

If you want something a little bit extra and different, then there are aftermarket options available too.

Some offer a subtle extension over the original spoiler and then there are other ones that really pop and stand out. It will depend on what look you are going for.

Interior Upgrades

We’ve spoke about mods that boost performance and give the exterior of the car a fresh look, but what about the interior?

It is the place where you and your passengers spend most the time in after all, so it makes sense to consider this area for mods too.

Let’s take a look at a few options.

Shift Knob Replacement

Replacing the shift knob might seem like a tiny modification, but it’s an easy way to make your car’s interior stand out. Not only can this make the interior more unique, but some gearknobs have additional weight on them for more precise and smooth shifts.

Head Unit Upgrade

Upgrading the head unit is a fantastic way to get more from your entertainment system in the car. The standard head unit is quite dated and lacks many of the features modern car stereo’s have. You have the option of single din head unit’s and also double din head unit’s which will fit with some trimming and a fascia.

Floor Mats

While they might seem insignificant, custom floor mats can take your car’s interior to the next level. Not only do they offer protection for your car’s floor from dirt and damage, but they can also be a standout feature if you opt for something bold and unique. For a personalized touch, you can even get customized floor mats with your initials or the Nissan logo.

You can check out various floor mats for your Micra on eBay here.

Ambient Lighting Kit

An ambient lighting kit is an affordable and fun way to add some ambience and mood to your interior. You can place these lights along the dashboard, along the door cards and under the footwell for the best effect. Many of these kits can also be controlled via your phone to make it easy to change the colour of the lighting on the go.

You can purchase an ambient lighting kit for your Micra on eBay here.

Finishing Thoughts

We hope you fund this guide useful at giving you some ideas to spruce up your K12 Micra.

With so many of the Micra’s on the road today being in standard form, it won’t take much to make your K12 stand out. 

Due to the engine in the car, there aren’t a lot of power gains to be had without a lot of custom work and spending big money. You can however improve handling performance by fitting lowering springs which can make you faster through the curves. 

The best value for money mods for this car tend to be cosmetic ones so definitely don’t be afraid to be different with some new wheels and a rear spoiler.

Happy modding!