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Subaru Impreza WRX Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

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There’s something incredibly satisfying about sliding behind the wheel of a car that feels uniquely yours, and few vehicles offer the mod-friendly nature of a Subaru Impreza WRX.

For newbies to the modding world, it’s more common to consider boosting horsepower or enhancing the suspension, but one should not overlook the importance of interior mods.

They are often a great way to dive into customization— less daunting, often more affordable, and yet, they still can make a massive difference.

The right modifications can transform your WRX’s cabin into a tech-savvy, performance-focused cockpit that you never tire of sitting in.

Let’s find out what those mods are!

Double DIN Head Unit

Upgrading to a double-din head unit is a popular upgrade that drastically improves the stock entertainment system in the car.

Double DIN head units offer a larger display compared to their single DIN counterparts and an abundance of features over the stock head unit.

This means easier readability and control while driving. The larger display can offer a clear, wide-angle view for functionalities such as backup cameras, navigation systems, and music and video playback.

Many modern Double DIN systems come with cutting-edge features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and touchscreen controls, adding a layer of convenience and luxury to your ride.

Double DIN units also often come with smartphone integration features, allowing you to synchronize your smartphone directly with your Impreza’s stereo. This enables hands-free calling with ease and music streaming from your device.

You have various options from manufacturers like Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine.

For the maximum amount of features you will want one with an Android operating system.

Most double din’s come as a standard size so should fit snug, however in some cases depending on the head unit and model year you may need to buy a fascia/cage adapter to mount the tablet onto. 

Aftermarket Gear Shifter

The gearknob in the WRX is one of the most immersive parts of the driving experience, keeping you engaged and making you feel at one with the car.

While the stock shifter is sufficient for many people, many owners opt for an aftermarket shifter for either looks and/or performance.

On the looks side, you can buy a variety of aftermarket shifter knobs that come in numerous styles. You can go for something slick and subtle or you could go for a large styled tall shifter that really stands out within the interior like in the image above.

Aside from the visuals, you have options for improving the performance of your shifting with aftermarket shifters.

The simple and cheapest option for doing this is a weighted shifter. 

This is simply a gearknob that has some extra weight to it over the standard gearknob.

The weighted shifter substantially refines the shift feel, providing smoother and precise gear transitions.

The added weight also reduces the chance of misshift or missed gears as the additional momentum helps keep the shift lever on its correct path to the desired gear.

If you are wanting as much performance possible from your gearbox, then a short shifter is what you need.

These kits reduce the throw of the gearstick,  with some kits allowing you to choose exactly how much reduction you want.

Similar to a weighted gearknob, they also reduce the chance of mis shifts and allow you to shift faster resulting in less time off the gas.

Steering Wheel Upgrades

A custom steering wheel upgrade or aftermarket steering wheel can be a fantastic way to personalise your WRX and enhance your driving experience.

Whether your preference leans towards a sporty, sleek design, classic leather, or race-inspired carbon fiber, a custom steering wheel personalizes your Impreza’s visual appeal.

With a custom steering wheel, you get intricate design details like contrast stitching and sport grips to ensure you have a strong hold on the wheel when carving corners.

Custom wheels also provide flexibility in size, allowing drivers to opt for a smaller diameter wheel.

A smaller wheel requires less arm input to steer, which can become particularly beneficial in racing or aggressive driving scenarios.

If you don’t want to completely swap out your standard steering wheel but are looking to upgrade it, then you can look at steering wheel covers.

Steering wheel covers are an affordable way to customize the look and feel of the wheel and is something that you can do yourself without much technical skill required.


Gauges in your Subaru WRX are a key factor ensuring safe performance and optimum reliability – especially if your car is tuned/modified.

There are various parameters of the engine you can monitor through gauges.

Some of the most common on theses cars is a boost gauge, oil pressure gauge and air-to-fuel ratio gauge(AFR).

The Boost Gauge is paramount for turbocharged vehicles like Subaru WRX.

It shows the boost pressure produced by the turbocharger in real time.

Understanding the amount of boost provides valuable insights into the engine’s performance, helping you ensure that your turbocharger is working appropriately and there aren’t any leaks in the system.

The Oil Pressure Gauge is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your WRX’s engine.

It clearly informs you about the pressure of oil inside the engine. This can be a vital early indication of emerging problems including wear in bearings or a damaged oil pump.

A low pressure warns you about potentially inadequate lubrication inside the engine, which could lead to engine damage and costly repairs.

The Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) Gauge helps you maintain optimal engine operation.

By reading this gauge, you can monitor the ratio of air to fuel in your engine’s combustion process. An AFR Gauge can assist in preventing detonation and wasted fuel, all while maximizing performance.

You can mount gauges in a variety of places inside the Impreza’s cockpit.

Some common places include the A-pillar and on top of the dashboard. You can purchase individual gauge pod holders to mount or you can buy clusters if you are planning on setting up multiple gauges that keep them all next to one another. 

Floor Mats

Quality floor mats are a simple yet often overlooked upgrade that can make a big difference to the interior.

With aftermarket floor mats, you can choose from a variety of styles and colours to compliment the WRX’s interior.

High-quality aftermarket floor mats are often more durable compared to the standard car mats in the car that may now be years old. 

You can also purchase mats designed specifically for the Impreza WRX.

These floor mats are designed to perfectly fit every nook and corner of your car’s floor area giving your vehicle a seamless look. This also prevents dirt and water from seeping into the car’s flooring.

If you’re into hiking or tend to have messy boots, then you can also opt for a mat that is waterproof and resistant to dirt, making them easier to clean.

These mats can also prevents dirt and water from seeping into the car’s flooring which can cause bigger issues for you. 

Bucket Seats

Bucket seats are a popular addition to the interior for those who like to drive their Impreza WRX hard. Which probably applies to most owners!

Bucket seats are designed with high side walls that provide a much higher degree of lateral support compared to the ordinary seats.

This means that during tight turns or swift manoeuvres, which the Subaru WRX is known to handle with ease, you remain firmly planted in your seat.

This helps you maintain an optimal steering position and means you aren’t hanging on for dear life as you navigate tight backroads or hairpins on the track.

Bucket seats also have the added benefit of tending to weigh less than the OEM seats so you also get a performance boost from weight reduction as well.

While the secure feeling of a bucket seat can be desirable for fast-paced or sporty driving, the limited flexibility may prove problematic for everyday commutes or long distance driving.

This compact fit may also feel restrictive over extended periods potentially leading to discomfort and fatigue. 

As such, be sure to pick your bucket seat carefully and ideally try one out before committing to buying one if your Impreza WRX is your daily driver. 

Finishing Thoughts

By now you can hopefully see that small interior enhancements that add up to make a significant impact on both the style of your cabin as well as the performance of the car itself.

As mentioned at the start, interior mods are an affordable and simple way to get starting with modding your Impreza.

Many interior mods don’t require much mechanical knowledge either which can save you money on paying a mechanic to fit them like many performance-orientated mods.

Start small and work your way up.

Perhaps add some floor mats, then some gauges and from there you can start transforming the entire look and feel of the cabin with aftermarket seats and a custom steering wheel.

Happy modding!