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The Best Accessories For The Mazda CX-5

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The Mazda CX-5 is renowned for it’s sleek design, practicality and premium feel.

But how do we make an already excellent car even better? The answer lies in simple upgrades and thoughtfully selected accessories.

In this article, we are going to delve deep into the world of Mazda CX-5 accessories, highlighting the best of the best.

Whether you are chasing enhanced functionality or some subtle touches to boost the car’s looks, we’ll go over all essential accessories for both the interior and exterior of your CX-5.

Let’s get started by looking at accessories for the exterior of the car first!

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are a subtle exterior accessory that not only look great and fit well with the lines of the car, but have many practical benefits.

Installing wind deflectors can considerably minimise the intrusive wind noise when you drive with open windows.

This means you can listen to your favourite tunes, converse with passengers, or enjoy the tranquillity of a quiet drive without pesky wind noise.

They have advantages in both hot summers and rainy winters.

In summer, you can let fresh air in through the windows to maintain a cool temperature in the car without excessive wind noise. 

In rainy winters, you can slightly open the window to let fresh air in without getting rain or snow inside the cabin. 

Regardless of where you are or what the weather and environment is like where you drive, your CX-5 can undoubtedly benefit from wind deflectors.

You can purchase high quality wind deflectors made specifically for the CX-5 below. Installation is very straightforward and you can do this yourself without any special tools.

Wind Deflectors

CX-5 (2011-2017)

Wind Deflectors

CX-5 (2018+)

Roof Rails

Roof rails are an essential accessory for any CX-5 owner who is an adventurer.

It’s like adding another storage space to the car, but this one is on the outside. These rails allow you to securely load and transport bulky items such as bicycles, luggage, or camping gears that won’t necessarily fit into your CX-5’s boot.

If you’re a lover of activities like kayaking, skiing, or cycling, this should be one of the first accessories you add to the car.

Roof rails are also handy if you do long road trips with multiple passengers. By freeing up room inside the car, passengers can enjoy a more comfortable ride without being surrounded by luggage.

Some Mazda CX5’s can be specced from the factory with OEM roof rails, however if you’re hasn’t been equipped with them – don’t fret! You can get a high quality set below that work just as well.

Roof Rails

CX-5 (2017-2021)

Ambient Lighting Kit

One of the most captivating attractions of an ambient lighting kit is its ability to bestow your Mazda CX-5 with an impressive, futuristic feel.

Additionally, the soft glow around the dashboard, doors and floor, adds a touch of sophistication that sets your CX-5 apart from the crowd.

Many lighting kits like the one linked at the bottom of this section come with options for changing the colours and intensity of light. Depending on your mood, you can switch between a soothing blue for a calm drive or an energising red for those exciting road trips.

Aside from the visuals, well-placed ambient light gently illuminates the interior, making it easier to locate door handles, controls, and others crucial features without distracting yourself.

Ambient Lighting Kit

Ambient Lighting Kit

Fits the CX-5

Boot Liner

When it comes to ensuring the car’s preservation, one component that often gets overlooked is the car’s cargo area, or the boot.

The Mazda CX-5 shines with its generous boot space that can accommodate lots of items. However with regular use, this space can quickly get dishevelled, dirty, or even damaged.

A boot liner offers robust protection to the original carpeting.

Whether you’re hauling groceries, tools, sports gear, or camping equipment, it acts as a shield.

Boot liners, especially those made from rubber or plastic, can be easily removed and hosed down, making the cleaning process quick and effortless. They help contain spills, dirt, and debris that would otherwise stain or ruin your boot’s carpeting, making cleaning easily.

You can get bespoke boot liners made specifically for the CX-5 at the links below.

Heavy Duty Boot Liner

For the CX-5 (All Years)

NOMAD Boot Liner

For the CX-5 (2012-2017)

All Weather Floor Mats

Just as you adjust your wardrobe for changing seasons, reshaping your CX-5’s interior to withstand various weather conditions is equally crucial.

One such addition that can make a world of difference is the all-weather floor mat.

Unlike standard floor mats, all-weather floor mats are built to provide protection throughout the year, from hot summer days to icy winter nights. They shield your CX-5’s flooring from dirt, mud, snow, sand, and spills, preserving the look and condition of your car’s interior.

All-weather floor mats are incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike carpet mats that can be a chore to deep-clean, these mats can simply be pulled out, hosed off, and left to dry. Their water-resistant nature means you won’t have to worry about soaking and washing.

Like boot liners, you can get all weather mats that are tailor fitted to the CX-5. You can check them out below.

Heavy Duty Floor Mats

For the CX-5 (2012-2017)

All-Weather Rubber Mats

For the CX-5 (2017+)

Illuminated Scuff Plates

There’s a certain satisfaction in adding subtle modifications that add a real sense of luxury to your car.

One accessory that does just this is illuminated scuff plates.

Lighting up as you open the door, they provide an exquisite welcome that exudes class and finesse. The soft glow of the “CX-5” lettering really adds a premium edge to the car.

Installing them is easy and they are battery operated so you don’t need to worry about wiring.

Illuminated Door Scuff Plates

For the CX-5 (2013-2016)

Illuminated Door Scuff Plates

For the CX-5 (2017-2022)

Finishing Thoughts

Whether your priority lies in aesthetics, functionality or comfort, we hope that you have found a few affordable accessories that will be useful for your CX-5.

Sometimes the most subtle accessories and modifications go the furthest.

Whether you opt for a set of wind deflectors or boot liner, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the accessories on this list. So will your CX-5!

Happy modding!