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The Best Catted Downpipes For The MK7 Golf GTI

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The main advantage of an upgraded downpipe on the MK7 Golf GTI lies in its enlarged diameter, which allows for a more efficient evacuation of exhaust gases from the turbocharger. 

This results in drastically reduced backpressure and quicker turbo spooling, which consequently paves the way for more power(and fun!).

In addition to these performance gains, installing an upgraded downpipe also fosters a more aggressive and distinctive exhaust note, which further accentuates the thrill of driving your GTI.

In this guide we’ll be focusing particularly on catted downpipes.

Catted downpipes are often favoured over their decatted counterparts for daily driving and help you avoid any legal or emission testing issues.

While many believe that decatted downpipes offer superior performance, the differences are minimal and not noticeable provided you opt for a high quality catted option. 

Let’s take a look at these options now.


If you are looking for the highest quality, then you can’t go wrong with Milltek who are leaders in the aftermarket exhaust industry.

Milltek offer a fantastic large bore downpipe and sports cat for the MK7 Golf GTI.

This downpipe is brilliantly put together to ensure maximum performance without the loss of any mid range torque.

Integrated Engineering

This is a popular downpipe upgrade for US owners of the MK7 Golf GTI although you can also find them in other locations too like the UK.

The 76mm piping means less restriction over the standard restrictive piping and helps produce a lovely exhaust note.

This downpipe is paired to a 200 cell sports cat to allow for maximum exhaust gas flow while also passing emission tests.

MTC Motorsport

The MTC Motorsport catted downpipe is a great option that is also popular among MK7 Golf R and S3 owners.

This downpipe produces proven dyno power gains and also a lovely deeper exhaust note. In fact, MTC tested this and noted a 20bhp gain without any further tuning!

The catalytic converter fitted to this downpipe is a 200 cell sports cat, which is much less restrictive than the OEM cat while remaining compliant for emissions. 


Scorpion are another popular name in the world of aftermarket exhausts, especially in the VW community. 

This stainless steel downpipe is a fantastic option for those looking to increase the performance and sound of their GTI while remaining road legal.

This downpipe is mated to a 200 cell sports cat to ensure you will pass emission tests while you reap the performance benefits.

Finishing Thoughts

When installing an upgraded downpipe, it’s recommended that you have the car remapped after it for the best results.

This will allow your tuner to optimise the ECU parameters to account for the increased exhaust gas flow and maximise the power potential.

It’s worth noting that many of these downpipes won’t be compatible with GPF equipped models.

Installation time for a downpipe on the MK7 Golf GTI is typically around 2-3 hours depending on if you have access to a lift.

It’s not a particularly labour intensive job so if you aren’t confident with the wrenches it shouldn’t cost too much at a garage. 

Go on and treat your GTI to the upgrade you and it deserve!