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The Best Induction Kits For the Corsa VXR

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An induction kit is one of the simplest and most affordable modifications you can make to your Corsa VXR to enhance the sound and driving experience.

A high quality induction kit will produce a lovely, deep growl on the throttle and let you hear the turbo spooling and “whooshing” at will as you let off the throttle. Very addictive!

An induction kit is also designed to improve the airflow to your engine, which can result in minor power gains and an enhanced throttle response – although don’t expect significant power gains with this mod alone.

Most kits are designed to be bolt-on upgrades, which means you can complete the installation process without the need for specialised tools, making it a great DIY project for those who aren’t overly savvy with cars.

Whether you have a Corsa D VXR (2007-2014) or the Corsa E VXR (2015-2018), we’ll go over all the best kits on the market for both generations.

Let’s get right into it!

RamAir Induction Kit (Corsa D & E)

Let’s start with one of the most affordable induction kits on this list from a very well known air intake manufacturer – Ramair!

This induction kit is perfect for those on a budget wanting a lovely intake sound.

The kit is straightforward to install and comes with everything you need to set it up.

Not only will you get to hear your turbo and engine a lot better with this mod, but the increased airflow can also give a slight boost in power and torque as well.

Direnza Induction Kit (Corsa D)

This is a fantastic option if you are able to spend a bit more cash on an induction kit and are chasing maximum performance and sound from this upgrade.

The Direnza intake offers a larger surface area over the standard intake, allowing for increased air flow and power.

This kit also comes with a full intake pipe as well as a heat shield to minimise heatsoak and help keep the air going into your engine as cool as possible.

The red intake cone filter is also a neat touch and looks great in the engine bay.

Ramir Proram (Corsa D & E)

Another great option from Ramair!

This performance air intake offers superior sound and increased performance over the standard airbox.

An excellent and affordable option for those of you wanting an aggressive growl on the throttle and loud whistling of the turbo.

Pipercross Panel Filter (Corsa D & E)

While not exactly an induction it, a performance panel filter is a great alternative to the previous kits mentioned in this guide.

Some owners are wary of certain induction kits in case of heat soak where warmer air get’s drawn into the intake which can have a negative effect on performance.

The Pipercross performance panel filter simply replaces the standard air filter inside the stock airbox. This makes it a very straightforward and easy upgrade to do in a matter of minutes.

This performance panel filter offers up to 30% more air flow over the standard paper filter, and it’s also washable meaning you can clean it and re-use it instead of replacing the standard paper filter every service.

The only drawback to this filter is that it won’t produce as much noise and induction sounds as the other open cone filter intakes in this guide.

Badassperformance Induction Kit (Corsa D)

This is a very popular kit amongst VXR enthusiasts made by Badass Performance.

It comes with everything you need to fit and get it up and running, and produces some lovely sounds when you pin the throttle and let off it.

It also looks pretty neat in the engine bay, having being made with polished aluminium. 

A fantastic option if you can afford a bit more and want uncompromised sound and maximum air flow.

The Verdict

All of the kits mentioned in this guide are great options and you can’t go wrong. A lot of it will come down to your budget.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, the RamAir intakes are great pieces of kit that are solid value for money.

If you want to spend a bit more, then the Direnza Intake or Badass Performance intake certainly won’t disappoint.

If you are looking for an alternative to an open cone filter induction kit, the Pipercross panel filter is for you. As mentioned, it simply replaces the standard paper filter so is a less invasive mod. 

Happy modding!