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The Best Induction Kits For The Ford Fiesta ST MK8

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Benefits Of An Induction Kit

When it comes to simple and cost effective mods, an induction kit is often up there on an enthusiast owner’s list. 

Induction kits are a fantastic way to boost the sound of your engine, turbo and even gain an edge in performance as well!

Of course, it’s important to choose a high quality induction kit for your ST. Cheap and poorly thrown together kits can actually cost you performance, so it always pays to go with kits from well known manufacturers like the ones in this guide.

It’s important to note that an open cone filter by itself won’t produce massive amounts of power gains. However when paired with a more free flowing intake pipe, noticeable performance benefits can be seen along with as sharper throttle response.

Some of the induction kits in this guide come with an upgraded intake pipe, while some others just come as a filter. 

If you are primarily wanting to install an induction kit for the sound effects, then a simple cone filter without the pipe will do but if you are after maximum performance too, then you will want to go for an induction kit that upgrades the intake pipe as well.

Let’s get into it and start looking at the best kits on the market!

Forge Motorsport Induction Kit

Forge have made a fantastic induction kit for those looking to enhance performance and sound.

Forge undertook a lot of testing and research on this kit, ensuring maximum performance while still providing great filtration. 

Dyno testing has been done during the development, and showed gains of 20NM of torque at 2200RPM! The power graph showed gains early in the rev range and towards the end of the rev range, giving you power across it.

Aside from the proven power gains, you will get a more aggressive sound and some lovely addictive whistling and fluttering from the turbo.

This kit is compatible with the standard intake hose along with aftermarket hoses.

Ramair Induction Kit

When it comes aftermarket intakes, RamAir are one of the most popular options out there. Their reputation for quality makes them a great choice

RamAir’s induction kit for the MK8 Fiesta ST is a very popular option among enthusiast owners for the lovely sounds and performance gains it produces.

This kit replaces the restrictive stock airbox, helping improve throttle response and boost power and torque.

Of course, with the RamAir filters – you also get some sweet sounds! Expect a more throaty sound when you put the foot down accompanied by turbo whistling and “whooshes” when you lift off the throttle.

Airtec Induction Kit

Airtec are a leading manufacturer of aftermarket air intakes and intercoolers, and their induction kit for the MK8 ST doesn’t disappoint. 

This kit gives a lovely performance boost (5-10bhp) along with a lovely throaty growl on the throttle and those sweet whistles and dump sounds when you lift off.

Aside from performance and sounds, it also gives a bit more character to your engine bay with it’s sporty looks.

The heat shield it comes with also helps keep the air your ST is drawing in cool, helping maintain consistent performance.

Installation is straightforward and is easily doable within half an hour.

Airtec Top Induction Pipe

The Airtec top induction pipe is a fantastic upgrade if you are wanting to maximise air flow going into your ST’s engine. 

This pipe enhances both performance and sound over the stock pipe, permitting unrestricted airflow with it’s smooth bends and improved flow design.

The kit comes with a silicone reducer allowing you to connect the pipe to the stock airbox or one of the induction kits mentioned in this guide.

Overall, a fantastic modification if you are serious about maximising power.

Proram Performance Panel Filter

While not exactly an induction kit, a performance panel filter is often the alternative preferred upgrade when it comes to air intake mods.

If you are looking for maximum sound from your intake, then these aren’t for you as they retain the standard muffled airbox. They do however have some unique benefits.

A performance panel filter is less expensive than an induction kit, making it the perfect upgrade for those on a budget.

They are designed to be a lot more durable than the stock air filters and are reusable. They are also engineered to enhance air flow to deliver maximum performance.

One of the great things about panel filter is that they simply slot in place of the standard filter inside your ST’s airbox. This makes fitting them extremely simple and only takes a couple of minutes.

Perfect if you are wanting to retain the OEM look of your engine bay.

If you are set on going for a panel filter, we would recommend the Proram filter for the ST MK8. You can check it out on eBay above. 

The Verdict

So…what induction kit is right for you?

That answer will ultimately depend on your goals and budget.

For maximum sound and performance, you can’t go wrong with either the Airtec, Ramair or Forge induction kit. All provide great value and are from very reputable brands. 

The Forge kit in particular is a fantastic option due to the amount of testing and development that went into it for the proven power increases.

If you are on a budget and are after better performance without worrying too much about sound, consider the Proram panel filter.

Happy modding!