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The Best Suspension Upgrades For The Audi TT MK1

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Don't Overlook Handling

In the realm of modern classics, the Audi TT MK1 stands out. Famed for its timeless design and impressive performance, it remains a favourite among car enthusiasts.

In standard form, the car pack’s a punch with the 180bhp, 225bhp and 250bhp VR6 variants offering nippy performance.

The Audi TT MK1 is synonymous with tuning for power, especially with the 1.8T models.

While power mods do have their place, this focus sometimes overlooks what enthusiasts rave about: the thrill of the ride!

A well-handled car can often present a more engaging and enjoyable driving experience than fast straight line acceleration.

Weighing in at around 1400kg as standard, The MK1 TT isn’t the lightest of cars. Most models do however come equipped with the Quattro system, which can help you make the most of any handing modifications you decide to add.

In this guide, we will go over all the best and proven suspension upgrades for the TT MK1 to enhance handling performance both on the road and on the track.

Let’s get right into it!


Stiffer Rear Anti-Roll Bar (Sway Bar)

When it comes to cost effective suspension upgrades that improve handling and stability, few provide better bang for your buck than a stiffer rear anti-roll bar.

A stiffer rear anti-roll bar increases roll stiffness at the TT’s rear, resulting in a decrease in body roll during cornering.

With this upgrade, the TT can be adjusted to have a more “tail happy” balance. This means it will tend more towards oversteer rather than understeer.

Oversteer is often more preferable for drivers wanting a more responsive, track-focused car, as it allows for sharper turns and more exciting driving dynamics.

This tendency to promote oversteer also helps reduce understeer on the limit that the TT’s handling characteristics are known for.

If you are looking for more ways to induce oversteer, be sure to read about the Haldex Performance Controller upgrade further down this guide.

Below are some excellent anti roll bar’s available for the TT that will really enhance the way the car handles.

H&R Anti Roll Bars

Quattro Models

Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar

FWD Models


One of the most effective and encompassing upgrades for the Audi TT MK1, in terms of suspension components, is the installation of coilovers.

Coilovers are engineered with adjustable components, allowing you to customise the TT in terms of ride height, damping force, and stiffness. 

This versatility allows you to find optimal balance and performance, whether for spirited drives through curvy back roads or dedicated track use.

High-quality coilovers ensure better road contact for your tyres, significantly improving overall handling and performance. They provide a more planted feel, allowing you to navigate turns with greater precision and confidence while reducing body roll.

There are a variety of coilovers on the market for both street use and track use, and then some that cater to owners looking for a bit of both.

One of the main concerns of those looking to run coilovers on the TT is how much their ride quality is going to be affected. Stiffening up the suspension too much can make daily driving on rough roads uncomfortable, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Try not to go too low with coilovers, as the lower you go the more the ride quality will be negatively affected. 

You can also play around with the damping settings on the coilovers to find your desired sweet spot between comfort and performance. You may prefer a more comfortable and compliant setup for daily driving or you may like a stiffer, track-oriented configuration. 

It all depends on how you use your TT and your tolerance to ride harshness.

If you are on a budget but still want good value for money, we would recommend the Stance Ultra coilovers below which are a really popular option. If you can afford to spend a bit more, you can’t go wrong with the Bilstein B14 coilover set.

Stance Ultra Coilovers

For 1.8T & 3.2 VR6 Models

Bilstein B14 Coilovers

For 1.8T & 3.2 VR6 Models

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are another great suspension upgrade that are preferred over coilovers for those on a budget.

Lowering springs are often utilised for the cosmetic upgrades they bring to the table. They lower the ride height without the expense of coilovers, while still providing performance benefits through the reduced centre of gravity and stiffer spring rate.

While they don’t provide the same level of performance as coilovers due to their lack of adjustability, they are still a good valued upgrade for those on a tighter budget.

Similarly to coilovers, it’s important not to cheap out on lowering springs. While many owners purchase cheap sets of springs simply for the looks, you won’t get the same performance and handling benefits from low quality lowering springs.

Opt for a set from reputable manufacturers like the ones below to ensure you get maximum performance without compromising too much on ride comfort.

For 1.8T models (180 & the 225 variants), we would recommend the Eibach Pro springs below. For the 3.2 VR6 TT, H&R are a fantastic option.

Eibach Pro  Lowering Springs

For 1.8T Models

H&R Lowering Springs

For 3.2 VR6 Models

Haldex Performance Controller

A Haldex Controller can unlock the full potential of your MK1’s all-wheel-drive system, dynamically adjusting power distribution according to your driving needs.

This mod only applies to the Quattro versions of the Audi TT MK1, so if you own a FWD variant such as the 150bhp or 180bhp FWD model, you can skip this section. 

Usually, the MK1’s original Haldex system provides torque to the front wheels under the majority of driving conditions. It will only direct torque to the rear wheels in the event of the front wheels slipping. Even when it does send power to the rear, it isn’t that much and isn’t like a typical 50/50 AWD system.

With an aftermarket Haldex Controller, however, you can enjoy almost instantaneous AWD response, making it feel more like a permanent AWD car.

On the track, this can be an invaluable upgrade, and can help promote more oversteer in certain situations where you may want it.


An alignment is the final piece of the puzzle, bringing all your suspension upgrades together to transform the way your MK1 TT handles.

The goal of a wheel alignment is to tweak the angles of the tyres, affecting how they make contact with the road surface. During an alignment, the technician will usually focus on three main aspects – camber, toe, and caster.

The alignment settings you go for will largely be dictated by how you use your TT.

A fast road alignment and track alignment are the two most popular types of alignment for those looking to increase handling performance.

A fast road alignment aims to ensure better high speed stability, cornering traction, while minimising tyre wear.

On the contrary, a track-focused alignment prioritises maximum performance and grip while sacrificing everyday drivability and tyre longevity.

The Verdict

The TT handles well out the box, however it can be made to handle a heck of a lot better with some well chosen upgrades like the ones in this guide.

What upgrades you go for will largely come down to your budget and uses.

For the ultimate handling package, we would recommend coilovers, paired with a Haldex controller and a Whiteline rear anti roll bar. 

This combo will really transform the way your MK1 TT drives and handles.

On a budget, consider going for a Whiteline rear anti-roll bar first and then perhaps a set of lowering springs. However if you can afford to stretch your budget for coilovers, do so. 

Oh, and remember. Get your TT aligned after installing these upgrades!

Happy modding!