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The Volkswagen Up is a small, stylish, and innovative car that’s been capturing the hearts of urban-dwellers everywhere. Volkswagen envisioned the Up as the perfect solution for city driving, blending efficiency, agility, and chic design into one fun small package.

It may be a small car, but the potential is large for customization and performance enhancements. For those who crave an even more exciting and personalized driving experience, a wide range of mods and upgrades. Take a look at our article below to learn all about the best mods for your Up!

Ultimate Mods & Upgrades Guide

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the best modifications and upgrades that can elevate your Volkswagen Up from a fun city runabout to a thrilling performance machine.

We’ll talk about all the best valued mods there is from exterior body mods like spoilers, performance enhancing mods like remaps as well interior mods!

Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

This guide is dedicated to all the best interior mods and upgrade options you have to transform the cockpit of your VW Up!

We’ll go over budget friendly options that you can do yourself like installing ambient light kits. We’ll also cover some of the more performance enhancing mods such as steering wheel upgrades and multi-gauges. With mods to cater to everyone, check it out.