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Volvo C30 Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

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In this guide, we’ll delve into the best interior mods that will not only give your Volvo C30 a fresh, personalized look but also enhance its overall functionality and even performance.

One of the most appealing aspects of interior mods is the ability to customize your C30 to reflect your unique personality and style. With a wide range of options available, from custom floor mats to ambient lighting and dashboard trims, you can create an interior space that truly feels like your own.

Let’s get started!

High Quality Floor Mats

Often a subtle and overlooked mod, adding some high quality aftermarket floor mats can make a massive difference to your interior.

There are various options out there depending on what style and colour you are going for and what material you are after. 

If you’re into hiking and typically bring in dirt and mud from the outside, then you can purchase all weather mats. 

Materials in these mats offer superior resistance to wear and tear, thereby providing long lasting protection to your C30’s carpet. They are also more resilient under tough conditions, like muddy shoes or spilled drinks.

They tend to be pretty easy to clean so are definitely a low maintenance upgrade.

If you are more concerned about aesthetics, then you can go for a stylish mat like the R-Design mat in the image above.

All Weather Floor Mats

For the Volvo C30

Footwell & Accent Lighting

Installing an ambient lighting kit in the C30 creates a charming and welcoming ambiance that looks fantastic, especially at night!

Not only do these lights give your car a futuristic and luxurious appeal, but they also help in highlighting the C30’s interior designs and layout.

Many of these kits come as strips with adhesive that make it easy for you to stick them around the interior.

Strategically decide on the locations where you intend to install the lights while considering the power source.

Common areas to run the strips are along the dashboard, at the footwell and along the door cards. 

Some kits like the one below even allow you to control the lighting mood/colour from your smartphone on the go!

Ambient Lighting Kit

Fits the Volvo C30

Interior Trim Wrapping

Wrapping interior trim elements can be a great way to add some elegance and contrast to the interior. 

You have different options available, with carbon fibre being a popular option.

Some owners also opt to go for a vinyl colour, to add some colour to the interior and create some contrast.

Before wrapping anything, ensure you have thoroughly cleaned the interior and removed any dust or or grime that could affect the adhesion of the wrapping material. 

One clean, you can start the wrapping process by measuring, cutting then applying the vinyl wrap. For certain interior trim elements it may be easier to remove them for the wrapping process. 

Use heat (typically from a heatgun) to ensure a perfect fit without wrinkles or air bubbles. 

Take your time with it and be patient and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go perfect the first time as it can take a bit of time to get right. 

The satisfaction at the end will be worth it!

You can purchase carbon fibre vinyl wrap for your C30 below.

Carbon Fibre Wrap


Gauges are an essential mod for those of who have tuned your C30’s or are meticulous about keeping the car running optimally. 

Popular gauges like a boost gauge and oil pressure gauge provide invaluable real time feedback.

The boost gauge for example, allows you to monitor the boost pressure generated by the turbocharger. 

By keeping an eye on the boost pressure, one can ensure the turbo is operating within its optimum range and get alerted in case of an over-boost or under-boost situation, which could indicate a potential problem.

If your C30 is remapped or running more power than standard then it’s important to keep an eye on the boost to ensure you are getting the maximum power.

The oil pressure gauge is another important gauge.

This gauge can reveal a lot about the health of your engine.

By alerting you of low oil pressure early, an oil pressure gauge can help prevent severe engine damage, potentially saving significant repair costs.

So where do you mount these gauges?

Common places include:

A-Pillar Pod: This is a pillar-mounted location next to the windshield. This location makes it easy for you to glance at without diverting your attention too far from the road.

Centre Console: Mounting gauges on the centre console is a bit more discrete, keeping the car’s interior looking more like a factory setup, but still within reasonable view.

Steering Column Pod: Installing gauges on the steering column ensures they are directly in your line of sight and integrated among the standard gauges such as the speedometer.

There are a variety of gauges and mounting pods available on eBay.

Custom Steering Wheel

Customising the steering wheel is a fantastic way to totally transform the look of the car and the way you communicate with the road.

There are a variety of custom steering wheel companies out there who manufacture custom steering wheels for the Volvo C30. 

Unlike many aftermarket steering wheels, the custom steering wheels use the OEM wheel as a base which means you retain the airbags and the steering wheel controls. 

With a custom steering wheel, you have many great options.

A flat bottom steering wheel is a popular one.

This design, inspired by racing vehicles, adds a sporty look and more legroom for the driver. It’s an excellent option if you’re seeking a more aggressive style for your Volvo C30.

You can also go for a custom skin or stitching such as carbon fibre to really add some elegance to the steering wheel.

Some companies will even stitch your initials into the wheel if you so wish!

If you don’t want to spend the money required for a custom steering wheel, then you could also go for a steering wheel cover on eBay.

These come in a variety of styles and is something you can install yourself at home. These steering wheel covers can transform the look of the standard steering wheel and also provide additional levels of grip and comfort.

Gearstick Modifications

There are various cosmetic mods that can be done to your gearstick and gear gaiter as well as a modification that can even enhance performance.

Let’s start with cosmetics.

For the gear gaiter, you could go for a different style. For example, this embroidered gaiter from eBay with the C30 stitched into it. A subtle yet nice touch.

For the gearstick itself, there are different aftermarket options such as weighted knobs. 

These gearknobs weigh a little extra than the standard one, allowing for a more precise feel to help shift through the gears smoother.

If you are wanting to shift as quickly and as crisp as possible, then a short shifter is what you’re after.

This affordable kit for the C30 reduces the throw length of the gearstick, allowing you to fly through the gears with confidence.

Short shifters deliver a more sporty and precise gear changing feel, making them perfect for those of you who like to row through the gears during spirited driving sessions. 

Short Shifter

For the Volvo C30 T5

Bucket Seats

The installation of bucket seats in your C30 offers significant performance benefits for the driver, primarily by providing enhanced lateral support and stability during high-speed maneuvers and aggressive cornering.

These seats are designed with a contoured shape that firmly holds you in place, reducing body movement and enabling you to maintain better control.

Additionally, the lightweight construction of bucket seats contributes to overall weight reduction, thus increasing the power to weight of your C30!

While theses seats are great for those who like to drive their C30 hard and are focused on performance driving, they aren’t always suitable for everyone.

Their rigid structure and minimal padding can lead to discomfort during long commutes or extended periods of sitting. Furthermore, the lack of adjustability in some models may pose a challenge to certain people. If you daily your C30 or do regular long commutes, then you may want to stick with the regular seats.

When installing aftermarket bucket seats in the C30, you may find that you get an airbag warning light. To remedy this, you can buy an airbag resistor from eBay. 

Finishing Thoughts

As you can see there is a variety of modifications and upgrades available for the interior of your C30.

Customising the interior can be a great way to get you feet wet with modding, with many of the mods mentioned being affordable compared to typical performance and exterior mods.

A well-maintained and customized Volvo C30 can also potentially attract a higher resale value. 

Prospective buyers may appreciate the effort and investment put into the vehicle’s interior, making it more appealing than a standard model.

However, it’s essential to choose tasteful mods like the ones mentioned in this article to maintain the C30’s integrity and appeal.

Happy modding!

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