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VW Caddy parked at side of the road

Emerging onto the scene in 1979, the Caddy has remained an integral part of Volkswagen’s line-up for over four decades and has widely earned recognition for its practicality, reliability, and robustness.

There are now five generations of this popular van, with many opting to use it for work, leisure, and as a daily driver.

The Caddy has developed a serious enthusiast community in recent years, many of whom are constantly looking for ways to modify and upgrade their pride and joy.

If this is you, check out out guides below on the best ways to modify and upgrade your Caddy.

Best Interior Mods & Accessories

If you’re wanting what the best mods and accessories there is on the market for your Caddy, this guide is for you.

We go over a variety of mods to improve the looks, functionality and comfort of your cabin.