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VW Polo

Modding & Upgrade Guides

First introduced in 1975, the Polo model has since established itself as one of the most popular superminis on a global scale.

Over several decades, the Polo has been refined and redesigned through six generations, each one bringing new advancements while maintaining the brand’s signature excellence and reliability.

Given the Polo’s popularity,  aftermarket accessories are readily available.

Enthusiast owners looking to modify their Polo have a wide range of choices, from performance upgrades to aesthetic-enhancing accessories.

If you’re keen to learn more about the possibilities, check out our guides below.

Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

This guide goes over all the best interior mods and upgrades for your VW Polo, regardless of the year or model variant.

We go over functional mods, cosmetic mods and even interior mods that boost your Polo’s performance!

Polo GTI Performance Tuning Guide

If you own a GTI variant of the Polo and want to get more performance from it, then this guide is for you!