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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Ultimate Mods & Upgrades

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Unveiled in 2015, the Giulia Quadrifoglio was conceived as Alfa Romeo’s answer to the dominance of Germany’s luxury sedans in the high-performance segment.

The name “Quadrifoglio” translates to “four-leaf clover” in English, which has historically represented good luck but in this context, it signifies Alfa Romeo’s high-performance models.

Under the hood, the Giulia Quadrifoglio houses an impressive 2.9L twin-turbocharged V6 engine, producing 505 horsepower. This propels the seductive sedan to 60mph in around 3.8 seconds. 

A rear-wheel-drive platform, near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, active aero front splitter, and other advanced systems contribute to a visceral, dialed-in driving experience that’s as agile as it’s exhilarating.

Despite its inherent qualities, some Giulia Quadrifoglio owners might be motivated to push its boundaries further through various modifications.

Whether it’s to improve performance further, accentuate it’s already dazzling looks, or get more sound from the tailpipes – this guide has you covered!

Downpipe & Sports Cats

Enhancing the already impressive performance of your Giulia Quadrifoglio can be quite enticing.

One of the best ways to unlock its full potential is by upgrading to a performance downpipe and high flow sports cats (catalytic converter).

A performance downpipe is designed to eliminate the restrictions imposed by the factory downpipe, offering better exhaust flow.

This means your engine can breathe more freely.

When combined with a high flow sports cat, the car experiences less back pressure and faster exhaust flow, contributing to significant gains in horsepower and torque.

With the reduced backpressure, the turbo also spools earlier giving you power earlier in the rev range and helping widen the powerband.

Upgrading to a performance downpipe and high flow sports cat not only boosts performance but also enriches your Giulia’s acoustics.

The mellow growl that these upgrades produce make spirited drives all that more exciting. 


If you’re looking for a deeper and sportier exhaust tone, then an X-pipe could be what you’re after.

The X-pipe replaces the front resonator on the Giulia and instead replaces is it with crossover pipes, hence the name “X-pipe”.

This provides a slight burble when idling and a sound increase when on the throttle as well without being overbearing. 

The perfect sound upgrade for those who want a little extra but nothing obnoxious. 

Aftermarket Air Filter

Installing an aftermarket air filter is great and cost-effective way to improve the performance and sound of your Giulia Quadrifoglio.

They provides great filtration while also being optimised for maximum airflow. 

A subtle, yet appealing advantage of these filters is the appealing intake noise it creates.

It can produce a deeper growl on the throttle and lets you hear the turbo whooshes and suction noises which can be very addictive.

These filters are also a lot more durable than the standard paper filter which is replaced at service intervals. They simply needs to be cleaned and re-oiled periodically. 

BMC and Sprint are two popular options. 

The Sprint air filters don’t need to be re-oiled and as such are preferred by many owners.


If you’re eager to unlock the Quadrifoglio’s maximum power potential, then remapping is your new best friend.

A remap is one of the most cost-efficient power upgrades available,  and complements perfectly with other performance mods you might already have fitted such as an exhaust.

For those unaware, remapping or chip tuning is a process of modifying the car’s default software, or ‘map’ present in the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU).

This recalibrated ECU setup drastically boosts throttle response, power and torque across the rev range.

No other performance modifications are required to take advantage of a remap. This type of remap where it’s the software only is typically called a Stage 1 remap.

With a Stage 1 remap, you can expect a 30-35bhp power gain and a massive improvement in driveability with a wider power band. 

Lowering Springs

By lowering the car’s centre of gravity, lowering springs give the Giulia Quadrifoglio a more aggressive stance, accentuating its sporty and elegant design.

The reduced wheel gap improves the overall visual appeal, making the car look more streamlined and poised.

Aside from the visual upgrade, they also offer performance benefits and improved handling capabilities. 

 The reduced body roll and increased suspension stability help you take corners with confidence.

Go for a high quality set of springs to ensure the ride quality is retained. Cheap, poor quality sets of springs can make the ride harsh and too stiff for daily driving. 

The most common drop height with lowering springs on the Quadrifoglio is 20mm front and rear. 

H&R make a quality set that you can get from eBay that compliment the Giulia nicely. 

Camber & Caster Correction Kit

If your Giulia Quadrifoglio is lowered, then you can definitely benefit from this mod.

The Camber and Caster Correction Kit for the Giulia ensure enhanced handling, reduced tyre wear, and improved overall performance.

When you lower the Giulia, the geometry of the suspension is affected, often leading to excess negative camber.

By offering precise adjustments to the camber and caster angles, the correction kit restores the proper geometry.

This helps steering response and allows for greater straight line stability, greater cornering capabilities and reduced understeer.

A wheel alignment will be required after this kit is fitted.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are aftermarket accessories that increase the distance between your Guilia’s wheels and the wheel hub assembly.

Wheel spacers increase the track width of your Giulia, which may improve its lateral stability and enhanced grip in certain driving circumstances.

The primary reason most owners install wheel spacers is for the visual effects.

Adding wheel spacers can help you achieve a more aggressive and sporty stance for your Giulia Quadrifoglio. By pushing the wheels out slightly, the car appears wider and more visually striking.

They may also be a requirement in certain cases where you plan on running aftermarket wheels to ensure proper fitment, although most Quadrifoglio owners will be happy with the classy standard wheel options. 

The ideal fitment for most owners is to have the wheels flush in line with the body of the car. The most common size of spacers for this is 15mm in the front and 10mm in the rear. If you are on lowering springs, you may rub with these spacers so 5mm is also another popular option which is more subtle. 

You can purchase wheel spacers for the Quadrifoglio on eBay here.

Carbon Fibre Elements

Already synonymous with luxury and distinction, the Giulia Quadrifoglio can benefit from some subtle carbon fibre elements.

On the outside, components like side mirror caps and the spoiler can especially benefit from the wrap. 

On the inside, elements like dashboard trims, console panels, and door handles can be wrapped to add a touch of sporty aesthetics without disrupting the Italian luxury.

You can buy affordable carbon fibre vinyl on eBay, and then wrap it yourself with some time and patience. 

Finishing Thoughts

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is an outstanding car with an astounding level of built-in performance that requires little modification.

However, for passionate enthusiasts who want to personalise the car and push that extra mile, the mods in this article can help make their Quadrifoglio all that more fun.

The modifications mentioned in this article are aimed at not detracting from the car’s essence, but rather at enhancing its innate capabilities.

With an intake, exhaust, remap and a couple of subtle exterior mods, you’re guaranteed an exhilarating drive that leaves you craving for more.

Happy modding!