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Honda Integra Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

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Diving into modifying your Integra can be both a thrilling and expensive experience! 

One aspect that offers a low cost and seamless entry point is interior mods. These upgrades not only provide an opportunity to personalize your Integra but also enhance its functionality, looks and even performance. 

Unlike more complex and expensive modifications, such as engine swaps or suspension upgrades, interior mods are generally more affordable and accessible for car enthusiasts of all skill levels.

From big to small, we’ll go over all the best upgrades so you can personalise your cockpit.

Let’s get started with a fun one and take a look at pedals!

Pedal Modifications

When it comes to enhancing your Honda Integra’s performance, don’t forget the importance of pedal modifications.

You have the option of purchasing pedal extensions or covers that go over the standard pedals or you can go for a complete aftermarket set designed for high performance driving. 

Let’s look at extensions/covers first.

Pedal covers can be made from different materials like rubber or alloy metal. Rubber covers can provide additional grip during wet conditions.

Additionally, different pedal cover designs can add extra grip. Some designs use grooves, studs, or raised surfaces to maximize friction between the pedal and the driver’s shoe.

Integra Type R owners can take a look at these aluminium pedal covers at the bottom of this section designed for performance-focused driving.

If you are looking for maximum performance from your Integra and your driving, then an aftermarket pedal set could be what you are after.

These pedals are often adjustable allowing you to adjust the height and spacing between the pedals to suit your feet and driving style. 

These sets are optimised for racing techniques such as left foot braking and heel-toe downshifting. 

Some owners may find the standard pedal setup tricky for mastering these techniques. Adjustable aftermarket pedals make this so much easier. 

Mugen Sport Pedal Covers

Honda Integra Type R

Aftermarket Shift Knob

The act of shifting gears, feeling the mechanical response, and attaining precise control over the car is one of the most exciting aspects of driving for enthusiasts. 

As such, gearknob modifications should not be overlooked.

While simple and subtle, upgrading the gearknob on your Integra can totally transform your driving experience. 

The 2 primary modifications we are going to cover is a weighted shift knob and a short shifter kit.

Weighted shifters make gear shifting much smoother due to their additional weight. The weight helps keep the shifter’s momentum, leading to more precise and crisp shifts. 

Aftermarket weighted shifters often come in a variety of unique designs and materials, allowing you to add a bit of personalisation. 

A step up in performance from the weighted shifter is a short shifter.

There are a variety of these on eBay depending on which year and model you own.

A short shifter kit reduces the shift “throw” (the distance that your hand has to move to shift gears). It results in quicker gear changes, which can be essential for racing or fast-paced driving scenarios.

Short shifters are designed to provide more precise shifting, reducing the chances of missing a shift or going into the wrong gear. 

No one likes a money shift!

Bucket Seats

Bucket seats are contoured to fit the shape of your body, providing better support and comfort during high-speed driving or tight cornering.

This ergonomic design helps to reduce driver fatigue and maintain focus on the road, ensuring a more enjoyable and thrilling driving experience when pushing on.

If you like to track your Integra, then you’ll be pleased to know that bucket seats also offer safety benefits.

In the event of an accident or sudden impact, the seat’s design helps to hold the driver securely in place, reducing the risk of injury.

Many bucket seats also come equipped with provisions for racing harnesses, which offer additional safety benefits over conventional seat belts.

An additional benefit is the weight saving that most bucket seats offer over the OEM seats.

Most bucket seats are designed to be lightweight and as such can reduce the overall weight of your car thus increasing performance.

If you are already looking into weight reduction on your Integra, then this could be a great time to invest in some bucket seats!

You will need an aftermarket set of sliders to mount the bucket seats which you can get on eBay here.

Carbon Fiber Trim

There are various types of interior trim elements that can be wrapped in carbon fiber, adding a touch of luxury and sportiness to the cabin of your Integra.

Prime candidates for wrapping include the dashboard, center console, door panels/handles and air vents.

Furthermore, the steering wheel and gear shift knob can be adorned with carbon fiber to offer a more comfortable grip and a high-end feel.

You can buy high quality carbon fibre wrap for your Integra’s interior here on eBay.

Begin by preparing the surface thoroughly. Remove the element you wish to wrap, clean it with a mild detergent, and ensure it’s fully dry to achieve better adhesion.

Next, measure and cut your carbon fiber wrap accurately. Use a high-quality utility knife to ensure precise cuts based on the measurements of your interior part.

The next step involves applying the wrap. Peel back the protective film from the wrap’s adhesive side and apply it carefully over the element, smoothing it down as you go to avoid any bubbles or creases.

Use a squeegee or a similar tool to secure the wrap firmly. For intricate areas, a heat gun can be handy to soften the wrap, making it easier to mould.

Trim the excess wrap and tuck the edges neatly. Once you’re done, reattach the part to your car’s interior and stand back to appreciate a job well done.

Remember, patience and attention to detail are critical in achieving a satisfactory finish when applying a carbon fiber wrap.

Steering Wheel Mods

Truly engaging driving relies very heavily on a well-designed steering wheel that provides good grip and superior feedback.

While the standard steering wheel does the job for daily driving, you may be craving that bit extra for performance driving. Plus you may also want a steering wheel that looks a little more race-inspired. 

You have different options to customise your steering wheel depending on your goals and budget.

Steering wheel covers which you can purchase from eBay are one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to revamp your steering wheel. 

Steering wheel covers offer an extra layer of cushioning and can improve the feel and grip. Available in various material and colors, these covers can be personalised according to your taste.

For the ultimate personalised touch, consider investing in a custom steering wheel. There are various companies out there that will take the standard wheel and customise it to your liking. Options include a flat bottom, custom trim and some can even integrate LED shift lights at the top of the wheel. 

Some companies that offer this service are:

  • Exclusivesteering
  • Realcarbonclutch
  • Reggiescustomwheels

After custom steering wheels we have aftermarket steering wheels. These are usually designed for high performance driving. 

Respected brands such as Momo or Nardi, offer an impressive range of designs and materials.

Many of these options come in a reduced size to improve steering response and offer additional leg room. While these are great for track days and performance driving, many do not retain the factory airbag so keep this in mind. 


When it comes to exciting interior mods and upgrades, a dashcam probably isn’t one of the more exciting on the list. However, it can be a wise investment that could save you a lot of money and hassle long term.

By continuously recording the events on the road while you drive, a dashcam provides concrete evidence in the event of an accident, helping to determine fault and protect you from fraudulent claims which are becoming increasingly common.

The last thing you need is being held responsible for damages that weren’t your fault and being out of pocket. After all, that’s money that could go into other mods for your Integra!

You can check out a variety of great value dashcams for your Integra below.


Fits the Honda Integra

Floor Mats

The interior of your Integra deserves the best, and investing in high-quality floor mats can make a significant difference in preserving and enhancing its interior.

High-quality floor mats from eBay are designed to protect your carpet from dirt, spills, and wear and tear. These mats are made from durable materials, such as rubber or heavy-duty fabric, and often are designed with enhanced grip for your feet to prevent slips.

Aside from this, floor mats can make a serious visual difference to your interior. A slick looking high quality floor mat can make even the most basic of car interior’s look elegant.

There are lots of options out there to compliment the different colors and styles of your interior so you can find one that fits in seamlessly.

Finishing Thoughts

Interior modifications often do not require extensive mechanical knowledge, making them an ideal starting point for those looking to dip their toes into the exciting realm of car customization.

Too many of us focus on modifying and upgrading the exterior, but the cabin is ultimately where we spend all our time in the car. 

Interior mods not only offer a visual boost, but can also be functional and help improve performance with mods like a short shifter and aftermarket pedals.

Happy modding!