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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Best Mods & Upgrades

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The Giulietta has been around since 1954, and has been discontinued as of 2020. In this article we will be focusing on the modern version (Tipo 940) which was manufactured between 2010 and 2020. 

There have been a few variations in the modes over its 10 year lifespan, with varying trim specifications and engines with options for both petrol and diesel – appealing to a large market of drivers. The engine spec’s also vary from 1.4L up to a 2L, all in the form of a 4 cylinder.

If you’re looking for a way to make your car more fun, more functional, or just more beautiful, this list should be your go-to resource.


It probably won’t come as a surprise that one of the best cosmetic mods you can do to your Giulietta is upgrading your wheels. Perhaps you want a dark set of wheels to contrast the white body of your car and show off your painted brake callipers better. Or maybe you want to upsize your wheels to reduce the arch gap. Regardless, lets take a look at the options you have.

The wheels available to you will depend on the year and model of your Giulietta. Depending on which model/year you own, the OEM wheel sizes tend to be between 16 inch and 18 inch. However, many people have opted for 19 inch wheels as a matter of preference although this isn’t for everyone. 19 inch wheels are definitely more prominent and bold and reduce the arch gap more for a sporty look, however the smaller tyre sidewall can result in a less smooth ride. Consider your driving style and the road conditions/type of driving you will be doing before opting for an aftermarket larger set of wheels.

If you are wanting  maximum comfort and aren’t concerned too much about the aesthetic side of the wheels, then opting for a smaller wheel size could be a smart move. 17 inch is a popular choice among Giulietta owners.

Aside from wheels, tyres are an often overlooked aspect of the car when modding or upgrading. If you are on budget tyres, chances are you would benefit from throwing on a set of quality tyres – especially if you are into performance driving. A good set of tyres will provide superior handling, grip and braking ability that can make all the difference. So if you’re looking at upgrading your wheels, be sure to have a quick look at the tyres you are currently running.


Intercooler Upgrade

The intercooler is responsible for cooling the air that enters your engine after it has been heated by compression via the turbo.

By upgrading to aftermarket performance intercooler, you can cool the air down more efficiently leading to power gains and prevent heat soak. 

Heat soak is noticeable when you have been driving your car hard over a period of time, leading to power loss and making the car less responsive. Fitting an aftermarket intercooler with a larger surface area and increased cooling capacity will minimise the heat soak effects.

There are bespoke intercoolers made by manufacturers like AIRTEC and JTD Performance made for the Giulietta which are great options. Or you could opt for a universal intercooler kit, however these require more tinkering and customisation to get the fitment correct.

Airtec Intercooler

For the 1.8 TBi Giulietta

Airtec Intercooler

For the 1.7 Giulietta


A remap is one of the best bang for your buck mods you can do to your Giulietta.

The power gains you get from your Giulietta will depend on the model/engine that you have and the condition of your engine and the turbo. Obviously a well cared for and maintained car will get the most out of a remap. Make sure your car is in good shape as a remap will expose the weak points of your car’s internals. 

Lets take a look at some of the expected power gains from just a remap from some different models of the Giulietta. A remap combined with other performance upgrades will yield even more power gains!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.75 TBi

Standard BHP: 240bhp  Remapped BHP: 285-295bhp

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0 JTDM

Standard BHP: 170bhp  Remapped BHP: 200-210bhp

Alfa Romeo Giulietta – 1.4 TB

Standard BHP: 118bhp  Remapped BHP: 140-150bhp

Of course with a remap it isn’t always about the figures on the graph and the quoted power increase. Remapping can make your car much more responsive and improve the drivability massively.

You can also opt for an economical remap which instead focuses on decreasing your fuel consumption over increasing the power. Although that’s not likely why you’re here is it?

Air Intake/Filter

The air filter is the first line of defence against dust, dirt, and other pollutants that can get into your engine. While the standard filter does a grand job of this, upgrading your air filter can provide even more benefits in terms of performance and sound.

If you are after performance, a good option is the induction kit from GSR. This kit replaces the standard air filter, and also replaces the OEM air intake pipe as well to help air flow more freely. This is a great piece of kit that will aid air flow into your engine and produce some nice induction sounds.

Whatever intake you decide to go for, ensure it fits with your particular Giulietta’s engine as there are quite a few variations. 

RamAir Induction Kit

Giulietta 1.4 Turbo

Pipercross Performance Filter

Giulietta 1.4TB & 2.0 JTDM

Hybrid Turbo

If you are looking for maximum performance from your Giulietta and aren’t on a tight budget, then you could look at a hybrid turbo setup. This takes the standard turbo on your car and then upgrades it for durability and performance. One of the first things to remember is that with a mod like this, it isn’t a case of smacking on a hybrid turbo to your car and instantly seeing massive gains. Other upgrades like the intercooler, exhaust system and a custom remap will be required to fully maximise the gains from the new turbo.

Depending on the turbo and model of your Giulietta, a hybrid turbo will completely transform the way your car drives. These turbos tend to spool earlier, meaning more power delivery throughout the rev range making it a much more responsive drive.

There are different turbos to choose from, with some allowing power gains all the way up to 400bhp! When you do aim for these large power levels, you do need to keep in mind that will put a fair amount of strain on various components like the clutch as well. 

As there are different models of the Giulietta with different engines and turbos, the gains and potential are going to vary greatly so do your research before diving into an upgrade like this.

Performance Exhaust

If you are looking for a little more sound and some extra performance, then a more free flowing and open exhaust could be what you’re looking for. 

There are a lot of customisable options when it comes to the exhaust. If you are just after some extra sound and a deeper exhaust note, then an aftermarket cat-back is the perfect solution. These tend to come in resonated or non resonated form, with non resonated being the loudest.

An alternative to an aftermarket cat-back is simply to do a backbox/muffler delete. This sound can be a bit too much for some so it isn’t for everyone. There are kits you can buy for a muffler delete or you could go to a local exhaust fabrication shop and have them cut in new pipes in the mufflers place.

For the biggest performance benefits, you will want to upgrade your downpipe and catalytic system. A more free flowing downpipe will help your turbo breath easier, unlocking more power and making your Giulietta more responsive. 

After the downpipe you have the catalytic converter system, which in most countries is required by law. You can opt for more free-flowing cats (known as sports cats) or even a decat which replaces the catalytic converters with a simple pipe. This isn’t legal for road use in the majority of countries in the world. If you are wanting to stay on the right side of the law, then opt for a high flowing sports cat which will still pass emissions tests but also yield better performance. 

Rear Roof Spoiler

This is a subtle mod you can do that can really enhance the rear and side profile of your Giulietta. While it does come with a small rear spoiler as standard, an aftermarket one can compliment the car nicely and make it stand out more aggressively. 

A carbon fibre styled rear spoiler like this one is a great choice. The darker carbon fibre style could go very nicely with a lighter coloured body, making for a nice contrast and drawing attention to the spoiler itself. 

Another fantastic option is this rear spoiler that you can get from Amazon. This is another fantastic choice that slots over the OEM spoiler meaning extensive bodywork and tinkering isn’t required for fitting. 


Side skirts are a great way of accentuating the lines of your Giulietta.  

Maxton design who are an aftermarket leader in body kits and exterior body parts have sideskirts available for the Giulietta. These are subtle yet slick additions that make the car look all that more premium.

The sideskirts above can come in gloss black or as a carbon fibre style. If you have a red or white Giulietta then this looks fantastic. If you have a front splitter and a rear spoiler then the sideskirts are a must to complete the lines of the car.

Some owners who fit the sideskirts also opt to colour the thin edge in red or a colour to match the body of their car which looks brilliant in our opinion.

Maxton Sideskirts

All Giulietta models

Front Splitter

A front splitter is a neat touch that can make the front end more aggressive and visually lower it. These are typically fixed from the underside of your car and are usually pretty easy to install yourself. 

Most aftermarket splitters for the Giulietta come in gloss black, although you could spray or wrap it in whatever colour you like.  Some owners opt for adding green and red stripes to the splitter to pay homage to Alfa Romeo’s heritage as an Italian car manufacturer. 

Front splitters in theory also have performance benefits through increased downforce. In day to day driving, the difference will be negligible but when driving hard and combined with other aero mods, a small splitter can help in the corners. 

You can get a high quality splitter made from sturdy ABS plastic from Maxton below.

Maxton Front Splitter

All Giulietta models

Rear Diffuser

Lets take a quick look at another subtle exterior mod to the rear of your Giulietta. This mod looks great when combined with an aftermarket rear spoiler and can really complete the rear end. 

Maxton design offer a very nice rear diffuser for various Giulietta models in black that compliments the rear nicely. The diffuser comes with fins and some aggressive lines that make the rear of the Giulietta look very mean. This is also great if you have an aftermarket exhaust and want to draw some attention to the tailpipes.

Aside from the looks, a rear diffuser also has some minor performance benefits. As with the front splitter, on its own with normal driving there isn’t really a difference. However when you combine the aero mods together on track then you can extract that little bit extra downforce. 

You have two main options depending on whether your Giulietta mode has a single exhaust design or a double exhaust design. 

For a single exhaust rear diffuser, check out this.

If you’ve got a dual exhaust, then this is the option for you. 

Finishing Thoughts

There are many wonderful mods and upgrades for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, from interior upgrades to exterior upgrades to performance upgrades.

Whether you’re looking to get some added speed and performance, or just want to make your car look more like a work of art – there are many options out there for you! 

With the Giulietta, some of the best looking mods are the most subtle ones. The ones that help accentuate the great looks the car already has like sideskirts or a front splitter. These mods aren’t too bold and preserve much of the OEM look, and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

Happy modding!