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Audi TT MK2 (8J) Best Interior Mods

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The Audi TT MK2 is a sleek sports car and serves as the successor over the Audi TT MK1 in Audi’s TT range. 

In this article you will learn about the various interior mods available for your TT, with options for both cosmetic and performance modifications. 

Yes, interior modifications can improve your car’s performance as well as make it look great!

Interior mods are inexpensive compared to most other types of mods, and they let you add personality to your car without breaking the bank.

Lets get started and take a look at some ways in which you can customise the interior of your TT your way.

Rear Seat Delete

The Audi TT MK2 is a 4 seater car.

However anyone who has driven one or been a passenger in one knows that these serve very little functional purpose due to the very limited space in the rear. Aside from kids, it’s going to be a very tight squeeze for most. These seats are often treated as some extra storage room!

As such, a common modification to do to the rear seats is to simply get rid of them. This is often called a seat delete.

Aside from the cosmetic change, it also saves you a small bit of weight so there is some (marginal) performance benefits to be had from this too. 

Depending on how DIY-savvy you are, you can do this yourself or you can buy a pre-made seat delete kit made specifically for the TT. 

Most of these kits come in the form of a bar that stretches across the length of the car and a small net to prevent any movement of items in the boot. The majority of these kits come at a reasonable price and most manufacturers offer custom options as well when ordering. 

Depending on any other modifications you may have on your interior, you may want to get a net that matches the color scheme of your interior to make the integration of the kit seamless and preserve the OEM look. 

Gearstick Upgrades

There are various cosmetic and functional mods you can do to your gear knob on the TT. 

A few companies offer aftermarket gear knobs for the MK2. These are generally pretty easy to fit and can make your TT stand out. There are also options to retrofit gear knobs from the RS models onto the standard MK2 models. These can provide a little extra weight to your shifts making them feel smoother and more precise. 

Another customisable option you have is to change the shift boot/gaiter. This could be a color change to match other color styling interior mods.

Aside from the cosmetic mods you can do to your gearstick, there is also a functional mod in the form of a short shifter.

This is an aftermarket kit that is designed to make your gear shifts smoother and faster by reducing the throw of the gears. This is a popular mod for those who like to drive their TT in a leisurely manner or participate in track days. 

The short shifter kit by Forge even claims to reduce the throw in the gearstick by up to 40% which will have a massive notable difference.

Forge Short Shifter

Audi TT MK2

M-TECH Shift Knob

Audi TT MK2

Seat Upgrade Options

While the standard seats that come with the Audi TT are generally comfy and practical enough for most people, you may want to explore some aftermarket options. 

Most of the aftermarket options come in the form of bucket seats.

While often pricey, bucket seats can be a fantastic upgrade if you are wanting to enhance the sporty nature of the car. If you like to go for a spirited drive or do track days, then these are a great option. 

While minimising movement as you carve corners, they are almost always lighter then the OEM seats so also act as a weight reduction mod. 

It’s worth noting that bucket seats may not always be the best option if you drive long distances in the car as for some they can get uncomfortable after a while.

When fitting some aftermarket options, you may lose some of the comfort features like the heated seats as well as getting an airbag light warning. If upgrading to an aftermarket seat, be sure to check with the manufacturer to ensure compatibility. 

If you aren’t wanting to upgrade the seat but instead go for a change of color then have a look on eBay or Facebook marketplace for used OEM seats. You will often see pairs of red, black and beige seats being sold which can be swapped with ease and can transform the way your interior looks. 

Alternatively if you want to take it a step further, there are also products out there that let you change the color of your car’s seats yourself! If going down this route, make sure you get some practice on some other leather material or even some scrapyard seats before tackling your own seats.

Boost Gauge

This mod is usually only done by those who have upgraded the performance of their TT through a remap or induction/exhaust mods. 

A boost gauge is a vital tool for tuned turbo cars that allows you to monitor the boost your car is producing in real time. It can be useful for diagnosing issues and monitoring any potential boost leaks that could be costing you performance. 

When integrating a boost gauge into the clean interior of a car like the TT, most people want it to fit seamlessly. 

Vent boost gauges are a great way of doing this. An adapter like the one at the bottom of this section allows you to mount the boost gauge inside the air vent. This makes it easy to look at whilst driving without it being too distracting and blends in nicely with the interior. 

The above adapter fits various 52mm boost gauges like the one below.

If you don’t want to sacrifice an air vent to fit the boost gauge then you could fit it in the A pillar using a universal pillar gauge set.

52mm Vent Gauge Adapter

Audi TT MK2

52mm LED Boost Gauge

Audi TT MK2

Carbon Fibre Parts

If you want to take the elegance of your TT’s interior to the next level, then you may want to have a look at carbon fibre trim elements. 

These are interior parts like the door handles and the ashtray which are coated in a carbon fibre wrap. These look fantastic and can look very good when paired with a dark interior color scheme. 

Companies like oCarbon offer bespoke carbon fibre coated parts for the inside of the TT MK2. They can also do custom colors for your interior to match whatever style you are going for.

If you like the look of carbon fibre but want to go down a less expensive route, then you can have a go at doing a DIY carbon wrap on interior trim parts. It might not be real carbon fibre, but with a bit of practice you can get it looking great. You can get some well priced carbon fibre wrap to experiment with here on Amazon.


So there you have it – interior mods are a great way to both personalize your TT and make it unique.

They’re also inexpensive compared to most other types of mods you may be looking at including power upgrades and exterior modifications – and tend to be easily reversible should you want to remove them before selling the car. 

Happy modding!