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Hyundai Veloster N Best Performance Mods

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The Hyundai Veloster N is a transformative take on the standard Veloster model from Hyundai.

This dynamic hatchback blends practicality and performance, offering an exhilarating ride experience.

At the heart of the Veloster N sits a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This unit churns out a robust 275 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

Equipped with either a standard six speed manual or an optional eight speed dual-clutch transmission  to cater to all enthusiasts.

While undoubtedly delivering impressive power and handling in it’s standard form, you may still be wondering what options there are to extract even more performance. 

In this article, we’ll cover all of the best proven mods and upgrades that you can do to your Vesloster N to boost the power.

Whether you are wanting a bit more overtaking power for street use or want to better your times on the track, we’ll cover it all!

Air Intake

An aftermarket air intake is a great way to increase performance and induction sound from your Veloster.

While the stock airbox is good, an aftermarket intake can extract additional power and let you hear that turbo more clearly.

For the best performance, an air intake should be paired with an upgraded turbo inlet pipe.

There are some different options out there.

If you are solely focused on performance and decreasing the intake temps, then a closed intake like the AFE intake is a good shout. 

For as much additional induction noise, open systems like Forge and AEM may be better suited to you. 

To minimise any marginal increases in air intake temperatures depending on the intake you go for, you can fit an upgraded intercooler which we’ll cover further on in the article.


A stock Hyundai Veloster N comes equipped with a downpipe designed to successfully handle the engine’s standard power output, without infringing on emissions regulations or causing excessive noise.

As such, it isn’t engineered for 100% maximum performance, as is true with most cars. 

Upgrading to a larger more free flowing downpipe can lead to solid performance gains. 

By increasing the downpipe’s diameter, you’re providing a bigger pathway for the exhaust gases to flow through, reducing the amount of backpressure in the exhaust system and improving power and throttle response. 

Aftermarket downpipes for the Veloster N tend to come as wither 3 inch or 4 inch. 

A 3 inch downpipe is sufficient for the standard turbo on the car whereas a 4 inch downpipe would be optimal if you are looking to upgrade the turbo. 

Due to the location of the downpipe being situated between the firewall and the engine, it can be tricky and fiddly to install. If you are installing it yourself, expect it to take a full day of work. 

Sports Cat/Decat


Attaching on to the downpipe section of the exhaust we have the catalytic converter section. 

Responsible for limiting harmful emissions, this section can also be upgraded to maximize performance. 

You have 2 options here. You can opt for a sports cat or a decat.

Sports cats produce less back pressure because of their better flow of gases, leading to improved performance. 

Despite their sport-oriented configuration, Sports cats help the Veloster N remain within permissible emission parameters, maximizing performance without compromising on emission regulations. 

On the other hand we have the decat option. 

A “Decat” refers to the act of removing the catalytic converter from a car’s exhaust system.

With a decat, you have maximum unrestricted exhaust flow. 

While improving performance, it will make the Veloster non-compliant with emission regulations in many regions.

As such, if your Veloster N is used on the road then a sports cat will be a better option.

For track use only then you can use a decat.

You will likely find when shopping for either a downpipe or sports cat/decat that they all come as the one unit.

Tork Motorsport offer a downpipe and sports cat/decat combo that allows you to choose which one you want. 

Upgraded Intercooler

The intercooler is at the heart of cooling the air entering your Veloster. 

By upgrading this component, you can increase both performance and efficiency. 

By reducing the temperature of the charged air entering the engine, this upgrade facilitates denser air intake, leading to a more powerful fuel-air mixture.

Apart from the power upgrade, an upgraded intercooler also supports overall engine health by reducing the risk of heat-related wear.

The benefit of an upgraded intercooler really shines in hot climates or on heavy driving sessions.

It’s under these circumstances that heat soak occurs and you can get a noticeable power loss as the stock intercooler struggles to keep up with cooling the air.

With the upgraded intercooler you get more consistent power delivery.

You have some different options from manufacturers such as AIRTEC, Forge and Wagner Tuning.


A remap/tune is the best way to bring all of the performance modifications together in harmony to delivery maximum power.

Even if you aren’t planning on fitting any other mods like an exhaust and intake, a remap is still a worthwhile upgrade that has immense value for money. 

A remap without any supporting mods is often referred to as a Stage 1 tune and can take the car to around 300bhp. 

One of the most popular tuning options is the SXTH Element swappable ECU. This ECU is pre-flashed for the various remap stages available so can work with additional supporting mods the car may have. 

It’s worth noting that a remap can void your warranty, the same goes for other mods. When the stock ECU is flashed, the flash counter will go up so a Hyundai dealership will be able to see if the car has been tuned.

The SXTH Element swappable ECU is often used to get around this as you can swap between the stock ECU and the flashed one. 

Finishing Thoughts

Adding more power to the Veloster N is not always about making it faster. It’s about temperament and balance as well.

Consideration of various elements like the braking system and suspension is important. This is especially true for track use.

It’s also important to bear in mind that increasing the power output can put additional strain and wear on other components like the clutch. 

While the clutch can typically handle the power of Stage 1/Stage 2 upgrades, you may find the wear on on it is accelerated.

If you’re going for a larger turbo, then it’s definitely worth considering upgrading to a stronger aftermarket clutch to avoid clutch slip.

With all this mind, tuning your Veloster N can be incredibly rewarding and ensures the car remains entertaining and puts a grin on your face for many years to come throughout your ownership journey.

If you want to learn about some other mods you can do to your Veloster N then check our other article that goes through all the essential mods including exterior and interior cosmetic upgrades.

Happy modding!