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Toyota GT86 Ultimate Interior Mods & Upgrades

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It’s no secret that the GT86 boasts a captivating exterior, but it’s time to elevate the inside to match. In this blog article, we’ll be exploring the crème de la crème of interior modifications that blend functionality, aesthetic appeal, and that undeniable wow-factor.

Interior mods are the perfect entry point for those looking to get started in car modding. They offer cost-effective, easy-to-install options that allow you to personalize the space you spend most your time in while driving.

Interior mods aren’t just for aesthetics either, we’ll also cover mods that are functional and improve the performance of your 86, leading to an even more immersive and fun driving experience!

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a great way to add a custom look to the cabin of your GT86. The lights are easily customizable, so you can choose from a variety of colors that compliment your car’s body or interior colouring.

There are many kits available, so consider factors such as color, brightness, and control features. 

Here is a great option available on Amazon.

Before diving into the installation, plan out the lighting layout to achieve the desired effect. Determine where you want the lights to be placed and how they will be routed. This will help you avoid any surprises during the installation process and ensure a seamless result.

Think about installing the lighting in areas that accentuate the lines of your interior. For example, along the dash or door cards, or perhaps under the footwell to add a nice glow to the bottom of your interior.

Depending on where you want to install the ambient lighting, you may need to remove some interior panels or trim pieces. Be gentle when removing these components to avoid causing any damage.

Carefully route the wires from the lighting kit through your car’s interior, ensuring they are hidden from sight but still accessible if needed. Use zip ties or adhesive clips to secure the wires and prevent them from moving or becoming tangled.

Follow the instructions provided with the ambient lighting kit to properly connect the lights to your car’s power source. This may involve tapping into an existing power source or connecting the lights to a fuse box. If you aren’t comfortable with this step, consider having a garage wire it up for you.

Aftermarket Shifter

A popular functional mod to the gearstick is the installation of a short shifter kit.

A short shifter kit reduces the distance the gear stick needs to travel between gears. This results in faster more responsive gear changes, and enhances feedback giving you a better sense of control during fast shifting. They can also help reduce the chance of any mis-shifts.

You have some different options to choose from, with IRP, TRD and CAE offering short shifters for the 86.

The IRP shifter kit comes with a long gearstick synonymous with rally car shifters adding a real sporty feel. This kit comes in at around € 350 and can be purchased from IRP’s website.

The TRD short shifter can be purchased from $350-$450 depending on where you purchase from. UK owners can buy it online here and US owners can purchase online here. It’s worth noting this kit is just the mechanism and doesn’t come with a shift knob.

For the ultimate sporty short shifter, you can look at CAE’s kit for the GT86. This is a proper rally car looking shifter, adding a real racing presence to your interior. This one is the most expensive in this list but is a seriously good bit of kit. You can get it online here.

With some short shifter kits, there may be a rattle due to the bushing being more stiff/solid. To reduce this ensure everything is screwed in tight.

If you are happy with the standard throw of the gearstick and are looking for aesthetic upgrades, then you can look at aftermarket shift knobs. There are various options which range in style and size. 

Many aftermarket shifters are weighted, which results in a nicer enhanced feeling when rowing through the gears. Some often feature a larger surface area, allowing for enhanced grip on the gear knob.

Raceseng offer bespoke aftermarket shifters for the GT86 which are poplar among enthusiast owners due to their slick looks and premium feel.

Carbon Fibre Elements

If you’re looking to add a sleek touch of elegance to your GT86’s interior, carbon fiber accents offer the perfect solution. These stylish upgrades not only add a touch of sophistication to your interior but also pay homage to the racing world.

This material’s signature woven pattern exudes an undeniable sense of luxury and exclusivity, making it a fantastic addition to any car’s interior.

In the case of the GT86, carbon fibre accents serve to complement the vehicle’s sporty characteristics. 

While carbon fiber accents can be applied to various surfaces within the interior, there are some key areas where these materials truly shine. Here are some ideas for wrapping:

  • Center console
  • Dashboard elements
  • Door handles
  • Door panel/door handles
  • Steering wheel
  • Gearknob

There are various companies that sell pre-wrapped parts for the GT86 interior which you can buy and then swap in place of the original part. For a more cost effective (and fun) way of adding carbon fiber to your interior, you can wrap it yourself!

You can buy high quality carbon fiber wrap off Amazon here.

Aftermarket Pedals/Pedal Covers

High-quality aftermarket pedals and pedal covers are designed to provide an exceptional level of grip and traction compared to stock pedals. This enhanced grip allows you to maintain better control over your 86 when navigating tight corners, accelerating, and braking, ultimately contributing to a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience. The heightened sensitivity of aftermarket pedals also allow you to make more precise adjustments on the limit.

If you like to track your GT86 or drive it hard, aftermarket pedals and pedal covers can be a great way of helping perfect performance driving techniques like left foot braking and heel-toe downshifting.

Aftermarket pedals often feature larger surface areas compared to stock pedals, which can be particularly beneficial for heel-toe downshifting. With more pedal surface to work with, drivers can achieve a better connection between their foot and the pedals, resulting in more accurate control over the pressure applied during this manoeuvre.

Factory-installed pedals may not be ideally positioned for this technique for certain drivers, making it challenging for drivers to execute smooth downshifts.

Some aftermarket pedals kit also allow for customization of the spacing between the pedals, which can be tailored to your driving style and foot/leg size. This helps enable drivers to effortlessly pivot their foot between the brake and accelerator pedals smoothly with ease.

If you’re looking for pedal covers that provide maximum grip, check out SRP’s aluminium racing pedals that were built to allow easy heal-toe downshifting.

Steering Wheel Mods

You have various options when it comes to upgrading the steering wheel on your GT86. Perhaps you are wanting to visually customize the standard steering wheel and add some styling to it. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade to an aftermarket option that will give you more confidence on track days. Either way, let’s take a look at the most common mods.

When it comes to modding the steering wheel, the most common route is to upgrade the standard steering wheel. There are various companies that offer this service and many sell pre-modified wheels you can buy directly from them which directly swap with your current standard one. 

The flat bottom wheel feature is an option on many custom steering wheels that is a nice touch. This gives you some additional leg room, a sleek modern look and helps you envision when the wheels are straight more quickly.

Here are some great companies that offer bespoke steering wheels for the GT86.

  • DiversionStores
  • 86Worx
  • Carboncitycustoms
  • Aerospeedperformance

You have many options available with a custom wheel including:

  • LED shift lights installed at the top of the steering wheel
  • Customs stitching available in a variety of colors
  • Carbon fiber or Alcantara finish
  • Material for additional grip

Aftermarket steering wheels such as quick release ones are popular among track day enthusiasts and those into their drifting. If you are looking into going down this route, it’s important to note that most aftermarket steering wheel’s don’t have compatibility with the airbags. If you are using your car a lot on the road then obviously this is a safety concern you need to be aware of. Running a steering wheel without an airbag should really only be done when other safety upgrades have been introduced to your interior like a racing harness.

If you are looking at aftermarket ones, stick to steering wheels made by reputable manufactures such as Momo.

Finishing Thoughts

For those just dipping their toes into car modding, focusing on interior modifications is not only one of the most affordable ways to get started but also a fantastic way to transform your GT86.

Unlike performance or exterior modifications, which can quickly rack up a hefty price tag, interior mods are generally more budget-friendly.

Another advantage of interior mods is that they often require less technical expertise compared to performance or exterior upgrades, and you can install a lot yourself!

From upgrading the shifter and steering wheel to installing an ambient lighting kit, there’s a mod for every enthusiast.

Happy modding!