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Mazda 6 Tuning Guide & Best Mods

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The Mazda 6, first introduced in 2002, is a sedan that has grown in popularity over the years for its captivating blend of stylish design, engaging driving dynamics, and reliable performance.

So far, the Mazda 6 has witnessed three generations, each bringing innovation and improvements to the model.

First Generation (2002-2008): The first-generation Mazda 6 provided drivers with a comfortable and sporty driving experience. This model came in three body styles: sedan, liftback, and wagon.

Second Generation (2008-2013): The second-generation Mazda 6 debuted with a more refined design, featuring elegant curves and contours. This model offered enhanced engine options and more technological features.

Third Generation (2013-present): With a more aggressive design language and advanced technology. This model boasts an upscale cabin with premium materials and innovative safety features.

Throughout its production, the Mazda 6 has offered an array of petrol and diesel engines, delivering a balance of power and efficiency:


  • 1.8L I4 –  120hp
  • 2.0L I4 – 141hp
  • 2.3L I4 – 164hp
  • 2.5L I4  – 170hp
  • 2.5L I4 – 192hp
  • 3.0L V6  – 220hp
  • 3.7L V6  – 272hp


2.0L I4  – 121hp
2.2L I4 – 122hp – 182hp (depending on version)

On top of this there was also a variety of trim levels including the Sport, Touring, Signature and MPS (Mazdaspeed 6).

Regardless of what model and year you own, we will go over all the best modifications to modify and tune your Mazda 6. 

Anyway, enough chat about all the specs.

Let’s jump right in!

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs bring a host of visual and performance benefits to the Mazda 6.

A lowered Mazda 6 has a sleeker, more aggressive stance and profile. This reduction in height gives the car a sportier look and feel.

Lowering springs significantly reduce the car’s centre of gravity, which in turn provides better handling. As such, the Mazda 6 tends to feel more planted and stable during high-speed cornering, resulting in a nimble and responsive driving experience.

The improvement in handling is most noticeable when taking sharp, fast turns where body roll is minimised.

You have some different options depending on how much you want to drop the suspension by and how much comfort you want to sacrifice.

Generally speaking the stiffer the springs and larger the drop, the more vibrations you feel through the car which compromises ride quality. 

Going too low can also cause clearance issues if you live in areas with uneven road terrain and large speed bumps. With most lowering springs this shouldn’t be too much of an issue but keep this in mind. 

A 30mm drop at the front and rear is the most common drop height with lowering springs. 

Before installing lowering springs, check the condition of the shock absorbers as lowering springs can put additional stress on these. If they’re looking a bit worn, get them replaced before chucking on a set of lowering springs. 

Different models will require different lowering springs but eBay have great sets of high quality lowering springs from manufacturers like H&R, Bilstein and Vogtland which you can check out on eBay here.

Front Splitter

What if we told you there was a simple way to transform the front end of your Mazda 6 to make it look sportier and more aggressive?

Introducing the front splitter!

A front splitter can give the front end a meaner and sharper look, as well as give it a more grounded appearance.

A front splitter is more than just an aesthetic enhancement, it can also provide aero benefits. 

A front splitter operates on an elementary aerodynamic principle – directing the airflow around the vehicle to minimize lift.

With the airflow efficiently directed and reduced lift, the Mazda 6 can feel more planted under intense hard cornering. While this won’t be noticeable in the vast majority of driving conditions, it can make a difference on the limit in track conditions. 

Maxton have fantastic looking front splitters on eBay available for the different generations of the Mazda 6.

Sideskirt Extensions

Side skirt extensions on the Mazda 6 add an aggressive yet elegant edge to it’s sides.

They play a significant role in accentuating the Mazda’s dynamic design, featuring a smooth integration with the car’s lines and amplifying the streamlined, sporty look.

Owing to their lower position, these extensions give the illusion of reduced ground clearance, especially when combined with lowering springs.

There are a couple of options out there such as the sideskirts by Maxton available on eBay that are made specifically for the Mazda 6. Due to being tailor made for the car, these ensure correct fitment.

You also have the optional of universal sideskirts on eBay which an work out a bit cheaper however these will require measuring, trimming and cutting to ensure they line up and fit correctly with the standard Mazda 6 sideskirts.

Rear Spoiler

The addition of a rear spoiler to a Mazda 6 is not just an aesthetic modification, but it can also improve the performance dynamics of the car.

A rear spoiler strategically channels the airflow around the car, reducing lift and increasing the downforce at the rear.

As a result, the Mazda 6 becomes more firmly planted on the ground, leading to increased stability and improved control, especially at high speeds.

Generally speaking the larger the spoiler/wing, the more downforce that is generated but there are other factors involved like the positioning and shape.

While it can provide minor handling benefits, the primary reason owners often install a rear spoiler is for the looks.

A rear spoiler adds dimension to the otherwise sleek contour of a Mazda 6, giving it a sportier, aggressive appearance.

It warrants a second look by bystanders and can turn the car into a distinct, stylish standout on the road.

There are different aftermarket options depending on what style of spoiler you’re after.

Take a look here on eBay to see a variety of styles of spoilers for the Mazda 6. You can go for something subtle like a bootlid spoiler or go for something bold like a track-styled wing. 

Aftermarket Wheels

Upgrading your wheels can make a dramatic change to the looks of the car, helping to completely transform it.

This could be an upgrade to different OEM/Mazda wheels or it could be an upgrade to an aftermarket set.

The standard wheel sizes on the Mazda 6 vary a lot depending on that year and model you have.

The earliest generations of the Mazda 6 have OEM wheels in 15-17 inches with newer generations coming with 19 inch wheel from the factory. 

One of the simplest upgrades you can do if you are after more sporty looks is to upgrade to a larger diameter wheel. This could be another Mazda wheel or it could be an aftermarket one.

While upsizing can look great, this comes with an important caveat related to tyre profile and ride quality.

As the diameter of the wheel increases, you’ll typically need to use tyres with a lower profile (reduced sidewall height) to maintain the same overall diameter.

The reduced sidewall height can compromise cushioning against bumps and irregularities in road surfaces. As a result, ride quality may become harsher, so it’s something to keep in mind if you drive on bumpy or uneven road surfaces regularly. 

Sites like Wheelbase are great at helping you find aftermarket wheels that are directly compatible with your year and model of Mazda 6.

Performance Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust system can provide the Mazda 6 with a superior exhaust tone along with improving performance. 

Let’s talk sound first.

Ultimately, the reason many enthusiast owners fit an aftermarket performance exhaust is to get an increase sound from the tailpipes.

Aftermarket exhaust systems tend to be less restricted and have les muffled backboxes/silencers allowing you to hear the engine note more clearly. 

Due to the large variation in engine choices available in the Mazda 6, the sound increases and changes will differ depending on what model you have.

The naturally aspirated diesel models will not sound as good as the V6 petrol models for example. 

Regardless of what model you have though, a quality aftermarket exhaust system will definitely improve the sound.

In terms of performance, an aftermarket system is designed to maximise the flow of exhaust flow gases and reduce backpressure.

This reduced backpressure can help the engine breath more freely, improving power and throttle response.

This is most prominent on turbocharged variants of the Mazda 6 which benefit a lot more from a free flowing exhaust.

If sound is your main focus, then you will want a cat-back system’s which you can purchase from eBay.

Air Intake

Aftermarket intakes, engineered to be less restrictive than their stock counterparts, can help draw in cooler air to the engine leading to more power and torque.

Many owners will report an enhanced throttle response in certain areas of the rev range, although the actual overall performance increase across the entire rev range is up for debate. 

Another compelling aspect of an aftermarket intake is the sound gains you get. 

The unrestricted airflow produces a distinctive, throaty engine roar that is particularly noticeable under hard acceleration. 

An alternative to an aftermarket intake is a K&N air filter from eBay.

This is cheaper and doesn’t require you to replace the standard airbox. The K&N filter simply replaces the standard filter inside the standard airbox and only take a few minutes to swap over. 

The K&N filter’s are more durable than the standard filters and are optimised for performance to enhance airflow to the engine. 


If you’re looking for a straightforward way to extract more power from your Mazda 6, then a remap is your friend.

Probably the best bang for your buck power mod you can do, a remap unlocks extra power and torque by altering the parameters of the ECU.

The power gains you get will largely depend on the engine you have in your Mazda 6.

The turbocharged engines tend to respond much better to remaps than the naturally aspirated engines. 

To get the most from a remap, you are often advised to fit a couple of supporting mods such as a performance exhaust and perhaps an upgraded intake. 

Fitting these prior to having the car remapped can maximise performance gains. 

Finishing Thoughts

With a whole host of modification and upgrades available, the options are endless.

Consider what you want from your Mazda 6 before diving head first into mods.

If it’s power you are after, a remap combined with an exhaust and intake will typically yield the best value for your money. Past this, you are going to be spending a lot more $/hp.

Visually, there aren’t many rules so you can go as wild as you want.

Subtle exterior mods work well with the Mazda 6.

A rear spoiler, sideskirts, front splitter and set of lowering springs can make the car look much more aggressive and sporty.

Happy modding!