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The Best Coilovers For The Civic Type R EP3

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The Complete Suspension Upgrade

The Honda Civic Type R EP3 has been a beacon of high performance in the hot hatch market since it’s arrival in 2001.

While the car offers fantastic drivability and superior handling out of the box, coilovers can really transform the EP3 and turn it into a beast in the corners.

One of the most significant reasons why coilovers are considered the epitome of suspension upgrades is their superior adjustability.

Coilovers allow precision adjustment of your EP3’s ride height, along with other adjustable settings like the damping and stiffness.

This means you can tune your Type R for a smoother ride on motorways or make it more robust and agile for track days.

By upgrading to coilovers, you can expect better corner handling, reduced body roll, increased traction, and overall improved road feedback.

Aside from the performance benefits, coilovers also give the car a lovely stance, reducing the arch gap and giving it a sporty and aggressive look.

What’s not to love?

In this guide we’ll go over all the best products on the market for your EP3 Type R. When shopping for coilovers, it’s important to choose a high quality set from a reputable brand like the ones mentioned below.

Low quality sets can be a lot more hassle than they are worth, provide minimal performance benefits and ruin the ride quality.

Tein Street Basis Z Coilovers

If you’re looking for an affordable set of coilovers for daily driving, the Tein Street Basis Z coilovers are a great option.

This set is only height adjustable, so you don’t get to tweak them as much as you do with the other sets mentioned later on down this guide. 

If you are considering going with a lowering spring and an uprated shock absorber combination, these coilovers may make more sense. Tein have engineered this set with the ideal spring rates and dampers to match, so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching different sets of aftermarket springs and shocks trying to get the perfect setup.

As they have been created for street use, they have been made with a balance of performance and comfort. As such, you’ll experience noticeable handling benefits and an adjustable lowered stance without sacrificing too much ride comfort.

A fantastic option for those on a budget!

Yellow Speed Racing Coilovers

Next up on the list we have the Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro coilovers. 

These have been created to enhance handling performance while maintaining ride comfort, and are a great option if you daily drive your EP3.

They are also suitable for light track use, so you can experience the best of both worlds.

Offering 33 levels of damping adjustment, and 50mm of ride hight adjustability, these coilovers are a great option if you are wanting maximum performance without a harsh ride.

The front and rear spring rate on this set is 8kg/mm.

BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

If you’re chasing maximum performance, the BC Racing BR Series coilovers could be for you.

This set offer fantastic adjustability, allowing you to adjust features commonly found on much higher priced coilover sets. Such features include bump and rebound adjustment and camber adjustment. 

This makes them ideal for EP3’s that are commonly taken on track, but can also easily be used for daily driving. They have also been engineered with corrosion protection, to ensure they are protected if you live an environment that exposes the car to potential rust issues.

With this set, you get 30 levels of damping adjustment. 

The spring rate at the front is 8kg/mm and 10kg/mm at the rear.

MeisterR ZetaCRD Coilovers

Last but certainly not least on this list we have the MeisterR ZetaCRD coilover set. 

These coilovers have been engineered for both daily driving and light track use.

The CRD in the name stands for “Close Ratio Damping” which is a technology designed by MeisterR that allows for good ride quality on bumpy roads while also giving you excellent handling on demanding tracks. 

This makes them a great option if you daily drive your EP3 Type R but also like to participate in the odd track day. 

With this set, you get 32 levels of damping to help you find the perfect setting for your needs.

The front spring rate is 8kg/mm and 12kg/mm at the rear. 

The Verdict

We hope you found this guide useful at helping you find the perfect set of coilovers for your EP3 Type R.

What set you go for will depend on your budget and how you use your EP3.

On a tighter budget, the Tein Street Basis Z are a good option for daily driving if you don’t require damping adjustment. However if you plan on taking your Type R to the track, then you will want to go for a more track-suitable set of coilovers.

The sets from Yellow Speed, BC Racing and MeisterR can all be used on the track and also comfortably on the road for everyday driving. You really can’t go wrong with any of them as they are all quality sets that provide great value for money.

Happy modding!