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The Best Lowering Springs For the MK4 Golf

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With the perfect blend of visual appeal, handling enhancements and suspension refinement, lowering springs can take your MK4 Golf to a whole new level.

As this car continues to be a fan favourite among car enthusiasts, getting the right lowering springs can make a world of difference.

With the market being filled with low quality springs, this guide aims to help you find the perfect set for your budget and goals.

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the things to consider first and then we’ll look at the different options.

Things To Consider

The first thing you need to consider is the trade-off between comfort and performance.

Lowering springs reduce the Golf’s centre of gravity, leading to better handling and improved aerodynamics, but they also make your ride firmer. Hence, you must decide how much comfort you are willing to give up for better performance.

Stiffer springs generally tend to offer better performance at the expense of some comfort.

The next thing to decide is how much you want to lower the car. Not all lowering springs offer the same level of drop.

Moderately lowered springs most often provide the best blend of performance and practicality without causing clearance issues.

Once you install lowering springs, you will want to get your Golf an alignment as lowering springs can affect the tracking. Failing to do this can lead to uneven tyre wear and poorer handling.

It’s also important to check the condition of your standard shocks before fitting a set of lowering springs. Lowering the car can put a little more stress on the shock absorbers so if they aren’t in the best of nick – consider replacing them when installing the new springs.

Now let’s get into the different options available. 


The A-Max lowering springs are a budget-friendly option for those looking to lower the stance of their Golf at a low cost.

These springs lower the car quite substantially (up to 45mm front and rear). This amount will be slightly less on models already fitted with a lower suspension from the factory such as the GTI.


The ProSport springs are another great option for those on a budget wanting to achieve a lowered look.

This set lowers the car approximately 35mm all round and is only suitable for hatchback models of the MK4 Golf.

These springs are progressive which allows for enhanced handling towards the limit while also retaining as much comfort as possible for day to drive driving.


Eibach are a household name when it comes to lowering springs and for good reason. 

Their products are always a solid choice if you are after quality and performance. 

The same is true for their lowering springs set for the MK4 Golf.

This kit drops the car up to 30mm all around, offering a nice drop and enhanced handling.


Similar to Eibach, H&R are also a big name when it comes to lowering springs.

They have a great set for various models of the MK4 Golf, offering drops of up to 50mm depending on the model you have.

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality and affordable set of springs, H&R are a great shout.

The Verdict

Quality and budget will be the two biggest factors when making a decision on the best set for your model.

It’s important to remember that the lower you go, the more stress you will be putting on the standard shocks/dampers so keep this in mind if you don’t plan on upgrading these too.

For a budget option, A-Max and ProSport are your best options.

However, if you can afford to splash out a little more cash for the Eibach or H&R sets, then you won’t be disappointed. These sets offer good looks while also not ruining the ride comfort.