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Nissan 370Z Best Interior Mods

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As a proud 370Z owner, you already know that your car is a head-turner on the road, but have you ever thought about enhancing its interior to match its striking exterior?

A well-designed interior not only adds to the aesthetic value of your car but also enhances your driving experience. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best interior mods for the Nissan 370Z and why you should consider upgrading your Z’s interior. 

We’ll talk aesthetic mods like adding carbon fiber accents all the way to functional performance enhancing mods like bucket seats and short shifters for those of who you really like to drive your car.

So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of car interior customization!

Gearknob Upgrades & Short Shifter

This section is aimed at those of you Z owners who have a manual gearbox.

Lets take a quick look at the aesthetic options first for customizing your gearknob.

A simple common mod is to replace the OEM gearknob with an aftermarket one. This could be to compliment the color scheme you have going on within your interior or perhaps to go with something that stands out a little more. 

Aside from the visual side of an aftermarket gear knob, many of them also enhance the feel of your shifts. For example, some aftermarket gearknobs sit lower and are weighted helping lead to more precise shifts with confidence. This very simple touch can drastically enhance your driving experience when you’re rowing through the gears. 

For performance mods to your gear knob, look no further than a short shifter kit.

Upgrading your Nissan 370Z with a short shifter kit can make a noticeable difference in your driving experience, enhancing both performance and driving pleasure. A short shifter kit modifies the gear shifting mechanism, resulting in quicker and more precise gear shifts.

One of the most significant advantages of a short shifter kit is the reduction in shift times. By shortening the distance the shift lever has to travel, you can change gears more rapidly, improving acceleration and overall performance. A short shifter kit provides a more precise and tactile shifting experience, giving you greater confidence and control over your gear changes.

You have different options depending on your needs and budget. An affordable option is the short shifter from Tarmac Spotz who are big within the Nissan performance community. This short shifter kit also works with the 350Z and claims to reduce the throw by 40%! This comes in at £99 which is really good value. You can check it out here.

Another solid option you have is the COOLERWORX short shifter.

This is a bit more pricey however is engineered with precision and performance in mind. COOLERWORX are a leader in performance shifters for various cars so you can’t go wrong. This shifter kit also replaces the OEM gearknob with an aftermarket one which protrudes out much higher, adding a serious sporty visual aesthetic to your interior.

Steering Wheel Upgrades

There are various modifications you can do to your steering wheel to improve it’s look, feel and feedback. This can be as simple as getting a steering wheel cover or wrap for the aesthetic value and some additional grip. Or it could be replacing the steering wheel altogether with a pre-modified or aftermarket option. 

If you want to keep the overall style of your steering wheel but are looking for something a bit “extra”, then have a look at some of the companies that sell bespoke steering wheels for the 370Z. With these options, you can often find flat bottomed steering wheels that give the interior a much fiercer appearance and add to the sporty nature of the car. 

Here is a list of some companies that sell bespoke upgraded steering wheels for your Z:

Many of the companies above ship worldwide.

You can also opt for wraps or covers that go over sections of the steering wheel. Common options for this is suede and carbon fiber. If you have other carbon fiber trim elements throughout your interior, then adding it to your steering wheel can really complete the elegant look of your interior. 

If you are tracking your 370Z or drifting a lot, then you may benefit from an aftermarket quick release steering wheel. With these you lose the OEM look and obviously some functionality of the buttons on the original steering wheel. This is a mod that is primarily for those of you who are highly performance orientated when it comes to your 370Z. With these steering wheels you tend to lose the airbags so bear that in mind.

Carbon Fiber Trim

Adding carbon fiber trim to the interior of the Nissan 370Z is a popular mod among owners. Carbon fiber is a lightweight and durable material that gives the car a high-end look and feel. You can add carbon fiber trim to the dashboard, center console, door panels, and more.

This is a mod you can do yourself if you are willing to do the wrapping of the trim elements. You can remove the pieces from your interior that you want to add carbon fiber to and then wrap them in a carbon fibre wrap to add a real touch of class.

When choosing a carbon fiber vinyl wrap, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, thickness, flexibility, and ease of installation. Look for a wrap that’s easy to work with, conforms well to curves and contours, and has a high-quality adhesive. With the right materials and techniques (and practice!), you can do it yourself and achieve professional-looking results.

You can purchse high quality carbon fibre wrap off Amazon here.

Seat Upgrades

The OEM seats that come in the 370Z will likely be sufficient for most owners. They provide a decent level of comfort while also holding a sporty shape to help reduce your body movement when pushing on. For some of you owners who participate in track days or crave that extra raw sporty nature, then you can look into bucket seats.

One of the biggest advantages of bucket seats is the improved stability they provide to you when you’re driving on twisty roads or going around corners at speed. They hug your body, reducing body roll and allowing you to maintain better control over your car.

Many aftermarket bucket seats are also made from lightweight materials which can contribute to a reduction in your Z’s overall weight (they aren’t the lightest of cars after all). This weight reduction can translate to improved performance and handling.

While aftermarket bucket seats provide excellent support during aggressive driving, they can be less comfortable for daily use or long drives due to their rigid structure and minimal padding. It is essential to consider the balance between performance and comfort when selecting the right bucket seats for your needs.

Outside of aftermarket bucket seats, you also have the Nismo seats. You may be able to find owners selling these online on owners groups and forums. They aren’t cheap, but provide a more bucket seat styled shape while also preserving the OEM appearance and nature of your interior.

Ambient Mood Lighting

Adding an ambient lighting kit to your Nissan 370Z can create an immersive and customized atmosphere, setting the perfect mood for your driving experience.

You can add this lighting to a variety of places, helping to accentuate the lines of your interior. Some common places for this include around the footwell and around the door card outlines as seen in the photo above.

It’s an affordable and easy way to add a touch of style and sophistication to your car’s interior, and also make your car feel more spacious in darker conditions. 

You can choose from a wide range of colours, allowing you to customise and it and personalise it to match the colour scheme of your car and it’s interior. There are numerous options available on the market, ranging from single-color LED strips to RGB (multi-color) kits with remote controls and smartphone app integration.

Ambient Lighting Kit 1

LED Ambient Lighting Kit

Nissan 370Z

Finishing Thoughts

We’ve explored a variety of mods, from seating upgrades and steering wheel enhancements to personalized trim and ambient lighting, ensuring that your 370Z’s interior reflects your unique style and preferences

Whether you’re looking to enhance the overall aesthetics of your car or improve its functionality, investing in some well-chosen interior mods can make all the difference.

Interior mods are a great way of getting your feet wet with modding your Z, and are generally some of the more cheaper modifications compared to exterior and performance mods. So what are you waiting for?

Happy modding!