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VW Polo Best Interior Mods & Upgrades

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The Volkswagen Polo has been a beloved choice among car owners for years. 

It’s compact size makes it a perfect fit for both bustling city streets and long countryside cruises.

Spanning 6 generations since the 1970’s, the Polo has undergone a variety of drastic changes both inside and out. 

In this guide we’ll be focusing on the inside. 

In particular, what modifications and upgrades you can do to the interior to not only personalise it but also enhance comfort and even performance.

Most of the mods in this guide apply to the majority of Polo’s made in the last couple of decades so there should be something for everyone here.

Let’s get started!

Ambient Lighting

While the most modern recent models of the Polo have ambient lighting fitted to the car as standard, many of the older generations do not.

If you own a model of Polo that doesn’t have this fitted, don’t panic as there are lots of great affordable aftermarket ambient lighting kits that can be installed fairly easily. 

These kits normally come with the lights in the form of strips, which you can stick to various parts of the interior. 

Popular locations for ambient lighting strips include the footwell area, door cards and along the dashboard lines. 

Kits like the one below also allow you to customise the mood lighting on the go with your phone!

Ambient lighting kits are an excellent way to modernise your Polo’s interior and add some colour and vibrance to it. 

Ambient Lighting Kit

Ambient Lighting Kit

Fits all VW Polo Models

Custom Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are essentially the cockpit control centre of any car, allowing you to guide your Polo with ease and comfort.

Not only do they affect driving performance, but they are also a marked point of personal style.

Many enthusiast owners opt for a custom steering wheel which come with a variety of customisation options.

For example, many companies that offer this service have the option of having the steering wheel as a flat bottom. This adds a real sporty dynamic to the driving experience and can also give you additional leg room.

Loads of other options are available as well with custom stitching and wraps being applied over the steering wheel such as carbon fibre.

Most of these custom steering wheels simply use an OEM steering wheel and modify it meaning you will get to keep the airbags and buttons working unlike many aftermarket steering wheels.

There are various companies online that offer this service depending on what model of Polo you have including:

  • Diversion Automotive
  • Emporium Customs
  • UltimateCustomsUK

If you don’t want to spend the money on a completely custom steering wheel, then you can also consider a steering wheel wrap/cover from eBay.

This is something you can do yourself and is a great upgrade on a budget.

Available in different styles and colours, these steering wheel wraps add a custom high end look to the steering wheel and can also provide additional grip for your hands and fingers.

Interior Trim Wrapping

Wrapping interior trim elements in vinyl can be a great way to customise it and add a layer of elegance.

You can opt for a particular colour to create some contrast or you could go for a popular option like carbon fibre vinyl wrap which adds a real high-end luxurious feel to the car.

This can look really good on some older Polo’s and help give it a refreshed and modernised look.

Wrapping interior trim elements can be a meticulous but rewarding process.

The first step is choosing the right high quality material such as this carbon fibre wrap.

The entire area planned for wrapping should be thoroughly cleaned and be free of dust and grease. This ensures efficient adhesion of the wrap. For some interior trim pieces, you may find it easier to remove them for wrapping. 

Apply the wrap carefully to avoid air bubbles and creases. Use a heat gun and a squeegee to stretch and press the vinyl into place, ensuring it conforms perfectly to the trim shape.

Once the wrap is smoothly applied, use a blade to trim around edges, removing any excess wrap. Be careful to avoid scratching the actual trim.

Use a heat gun to go over the applied area once again. This will ensure that the vinyl shrinks to the shape of the trim, securing it in place and preventing future peeling.

3D Carbon Fibre Wrap

Carbon Fibre Vinyl


While something that is common on many modern car’s today and certain recent versions of the Polo, many older generation Polo’s did not come from the factory with an armrest.

For those of you used to driving without one, it may not seem like that big a deal but those who end up fitting one often say it’s a game changer.

If you do lots of long journeys, then fitting an aftermarket armrest is a great way to reduce fatigue by giving your arm a break. 

The armrest is also subtly designed to act as a storage compartment, optimising the use of space within the Polo.

Many drivers find this incredibly practical for keeping essentials like mobile phones, wallets, and keys handy yet secure.

There are different armrests available for the MK5 and MK4 available on eBay.

Floor Mats

Whether you are a first-time VW Polo owner or a long-time fan of this iconic Volkswagen model, ensuring your car’s longevity should be a top priority.

One simple yet highly impactful way to do that is by fitting high quality floor mats.

The carpet is always at risk of wear and tear. Whether it’s dirt carried in on shoes or accidental spills, these occurrences can significantly degrade your Polo’s interior over time.

High quality floor mats offer an effective defence against such elements, helping to keep the Polo’s floor intact and well-maintained which is crucial for resale value. 

Aside from this, floor mats can be a great way to add an element of customisation to the car.

High quality floor mats available on eBay come in a range of designs, colours, and materials allowing you to choose ones that compliment the colour scheme of your Polo and it’s interior.

Weighted Gearknob

Installing a weighted gearknob in the VW Polo delivers a more refined, positive shift feel.

The additional weight from the gearknob always pulls towards the next gear, allowing smoother and more accurate shifts.

A quality weighted gearknob doesn’t only enhance control but also provides an aesthetic upgrade to the Polo’s interior as well.

Whether the choice is a modern brushed metal design or a classic wood finish, a new gearknob can significantly improve the look and ambience of your Polo’s cabin.

This is a really simple upgrade that can make your driving experience so much more satisfying and enjoying as you row through the gears.

They are also usually very easy to fit as well so you can get it installed quickly yourself.

Performance Gauges

Performance gauges are a fantastic way to monitor how your Polo is operating and potentially diagnose any problems ahead of time. 

There are a variety of gauges available you can get such as a boost gauge and oil pressure gauge. The boost gauge will only apply to a select number of Polo’s that feature a turbocharger such as the GTI variant.

You can mount these gauges in a variety of locations in the Polo.

The most common place is to have them fitted inside pods which sit integrated into the dashboard or inside the air vents. 

This maintains an OEM look and ensures they are easy to see while making sure they don’t look too out of place.

Other areas include the A pillar and on top of the steering wheel column. 

Another amazing option is a digital multi gauge.

These gauges are a great piece of kit and can give you an abundance of information about your Polo in real time.

You can monitor dozens of engine parameters as well as keep an eye on things like economy and even record acceleration speeds. These should be compatible with any Polo that has the option to connect via an OBD port. 

OBD Multi Gauge

OBD Ultra Gauge

Fits the VW Polo

52mm Boost Gauge Pod

Boost Gauge

Fits the VW Polo

Finishing Thoughts

We hope you found this guide useful at giving you some ideas for your next Polo modifications. 

If you are new to modding and tinkering with your car, then interior mods can be a great place to start.

Their low cost and ease of installation compared to other modifications make them perfect for those looking for mods on a budget.

Happy modding!